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Can Gelatin be eaten?

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What is Islamic viewpoint on gelatin? gelatin is the ground hoofs of pigs, I believe, but the Qur’an only mentions the flesh of pigs being forbidden.

Does this mean Muslims can eat gelatin?


The first thing that must be ensured in the case of gelatin is whether it is really made of the material that you have stated. No decision should be taken on unconfirmed information. It seems from your statement that you are not sure about it either, you write “I believe”, which gives the idea that you are not absolutely sure about it. We would suggest that the first thing that you must do is get a confirmation from a dependable source, in this case that might be the manufacturer of the product, and only after your “belief” is confirmed to be true, should you consider taking any action.

We do agree with you that one of the things that the Qur’an has prohibited from among the things which have generally been used for eating is the flesh of pig. Now, it is for us to decide, whether or not should we consider the ground hooves of pigs as nearer to the things that God has disallowed or vice versa. In our opinion, if your “belief” is confirmed to be true, it would be better to refrain from eating the referred product. Our opinion is based on one of the sayings ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh) in which he is reported to have said: There are things which are clearly prohibited by God, you should consider them to be prohibited; there are things which are clearly allowed by God, you should use these; then there are things about which you may not be certain whether they are allowed or not; in such cases, the attitude of taqwah (fear of God and conscientiousness regarding His laws and likes and dislikes) would be to refrain from these things.

Brother, none of us have the authority to say that anything besides the ones mentioned in the Qur’an is haraam, but we do think that in cases where a person is not satisfied about the allowance or otherwise of a particular product, the correct thing to do would be to refrain from it, in the hope that God shall accept and reward us for our actions.

Hope this helps


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