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  • God and Theology

Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Question I was having a dialogue with my friend who is a Christian doctor (nephrologist) about Islam. He said that Islam is a manmade religion. I told him the scientific facts in the Holy Quran and told him that a man cannot write this 1400 years ago and hence the Holy Quran is Devine. Then … Read more »

The God of Albert Einstein

Question This is not exactly related to the questoin but well to a comment you make that Albert Einstein did believe in God.I am not too sure about this myself but recently I came across this article in The News, Lahore which quoted an excerpt from an article written by Einstein some 15 years before … Read more »

What Must Be My Place in the Eyes of God?

Question I do all the good that i can.. i give charity, as much as i can.. try not to hurt people’s feelings.. everything. the only thing is that i do not say my prayers. my question is, where would this take me eventually ? heaven or hell ? Answer No one but God knows … Read more »

Will God Forgive My Many Sins?

Question Dear Sir, Assalamualaikum. Sorry for the long write-up & query, but I believe my case justifies the length. Briefly I would like to present my grave case which I believe requires my brief introduction: I’m 31, brought-up in a Muslim family. Since childhood, I was ‘above average’ in studies and games and I was … Read more »

Reliance on God

Question How Can I increase my tawakkul or how can I make my tawakkul powerful to ALLAH and our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Answer Tawakkul is reliance on God. There is no method or practice to it. In fact, Tawakkul strengthens as one’s conviction increases. If the spiritual self is nourished then the … Read more »

God’s Creative Force

Question Lately I’ve been thinking about the creation of the inanimate parts of the universe (which as we all know is quite the majority of it). Allah (praise Him) made us to serve Him, but why did He make things that aren’t sentient and lack the power of choice, and therefore cannot decide to serve … Read more »

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