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Does everything in creation have a purpose?

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In Islam we believe that Allah creates everything with a purpose. Why then does Allah create certain animals like rats, flies, crocodiles and other creatures which don’t seem to have much of a purpose and are more of a nuisance.Some of these creatures breed too much that we have to kill them? It seems like they are unnecessary? Doesn’t the Deist(1) belief make more sense in this regard where God created the universe to function on its own according to predetermined laws, therefore sometimes there are good outcomes and sometimes there are flaws? Therefore it is just cause and effect happening according to a pattern and laws?

Is there a logical explanation explaining Allah’s perfect creation?


Wa Alaykumu Salam

When we say that God creates everything with a purpose it is relative to Him. This means that things exist but we may not have a clue as to what reason or why or even how. As humans, regardless of how advanced we become, we will always be impaired by that very element of our humanity. We are limited and when we realize and accept our limitations we should get a better understanding of things within us and around us. The animals you mentioned have very obvious reasons far beyond the scope of this response. A more scientific search may reveal facts of which you were not aware. Just for your information,biological,genetic and behavioral characteristics of rats is very similar to that of humans and many symptoms of human conditions can be replicated in rats which can be a great help in discovering treatments for diseases.  We must never consider anything unnecessary as we may not fully appreciate its function or purpose.

The Deist beliefs(1) makes no sense at all. What is the purpose of believing in a God that has no role in the process of His creation; worse yet, a God that we cannot have any kind of relationship and that who created existence meaninglessly. In that case, why believe at all?

When we think of perfection, we tend to think of it from our perspective. We are not only bound by our human-selves but limited to the very experiences of our lives. How then can we judge perfection? We are microscopic beings looking through the wrong end lens of a microscope and trying to make sense of what is in us, around us, and beyond us.

Hope this helps.

God knows best.

UIUK team

(1):Belief in a God who created the universe but has since become indifferent to it.

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