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Explanation of word ‘Amanah'(surah Ahzab 33:verse 72)

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Could you explain the meanings of word ‘Amanah’ in surah Ahzab 33 verse 72?I have never been able to get to the bottom of the real meaning of this verse.Kindly help me have a better understanding.



First, have a look at the simple translation of the verse”Indeed, We offered the trust to the skies and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it;but man(undertook to)bear it.Indeed, he was emotional(Jahalah)and over-estimated himself(zulm)”.

In our opinion, the word “Al-Amanah” refers to the free will in matters relating to the choice between right and wrong and good and evil, which, according to the Qur’an, humans are bestowed with. The verse actually tells us that before the creation of man in the present physical and material form and before putting him in the test of the life of this world, man, with other creations – like the heavens, the earth and the mountains – was given the option of accepting to take this test, bestowed with the quality of free will in opting for good and evil. At that time, all the creations, including man, were shown the great pleasures (during the life hereafter) that they shall receive in case of success in this test and were also shown the severe punishment (during the life hereafter) which shall befall them as a consequence of failing in this test. All the creations refused to take up the trust of being bestowed with this free will and, thus, to take the test of the life of this world, for they were scared of the consequences of failure. The only exception was man. He accepted this trust. He accepted the trust to gain the pleasures of the life hereafter and was so attracted to these pleasures that he completely ignored the consequences and the severity of the punishment in case of his failure. But man’s past and present (on the basis of which his future seems to be no different) shows that he has normally misused his free will and has generally opted for evil. Thus, man has generally failed in the trust that he himself accepted to fulfill. This is a clear evidence that his decision of taking this test and accepting the trust of free will was an emotional one (jahalah) and in doing so he crossed his limits and over-estimated himself (zulm).

Allah knows the best

Hope this helps

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