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Proving Islam to be the only True divine religion

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I have no doubt in my heart that Islam is the only true divine religion.How can i prove to someone who is born 1400 years after the advent of Islam that it is so.


From the perspective of a Muslim,we do not need to prove that Islam is the only true Divine religion in the world. On the contrary, all that we need to establish is that Islam is, in fact, based upon the latest Divine revelation, which was delivered to Muhammad (pbuh) 1400 years ago. Once the point that Islam is actually based upon Divine revelation is established in the minds of our addressees, it automatically becomes incumbent upon them,if they are genuine seekers of truth, to consider understanding Its message.

The foregoing point raises another related question, which is: ‘How can we establish that Islam is actually based upon Divine revelation?’

This question has been addressed  in one of our earlier responses to a related question titled “Evaluating Islam – as a Religion based on Divine Revelation”.

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