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Women visiting graveyards

November 15, 2019

Question Is it permitted for women to go to graveyards to visit their deceased relatives etc.? And may a wife see her dead husband’s face before he is buried? I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon. Wassalam Answer There is a narrative ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh) reported in Tirmidhi, … Read more »

Bases of belief in the Hereafter

October 31, 2019

Question How do you prove to a Muslim or a non-Muslim that the Day of Judgment actually exists or is coming? Regards Reply Before explaining the bases on which the Qur’an has evidenced the Day of Judgment, we must first consciously realize whether the present setup of the world and our lives require a Judgment … Read more »

Question AssalamoAlaikum, When Quran says that Allah protects the prophets was He(Allah)not protecting the prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in the battle of Uhud or during his journey to Taif?Many Ahadith confirm that prophet(pbuh)suffered lots of injuries during these two events.Was Allah not protecting the prophet(pbuh) when Jews had cast a magic spell on him which made him … Read more »

Does Islam refute evolution

October 01, 2019

Question What is Islam’s view on evolution?  How do we explain the fossil bones of our ancestors?  Does that mean that the prophet Adam also looked like them? Answer In your question, if ‘evolution’ implies that man is actually an evolved form of a certain other creature, then Islam does not affirm such a standpoint. According to … Read more »

If God is all good, then why does evil exist?

September 17, 2019

Question I have a very strange question to ask and may God forgive me asking this but i really need  a convincing answer as this issue is troubling me.The question is that If God is Benevolent and Omnipotent, then why is there existence of evil in the world? If God allows evil to exist, then … Read more »

Is consent of wali(guardian)mandatory for marriage?

September 02, 2019

Question I am a 26 yrs old muslim girl.I have done masters in economics.My parents want me to marry a distant cousin who is not well educated plus is totally different in his life style from me.In simple words i do not want to marry him.Do i have the right to refuse to marry this … Read more »

Magic and witchcraft

August 23, 2019

Question Does magic or witchcraft exist?What does Islam say about it?Can a person be affected by it?How can one know if he/she is affected by it?What should one do if one is affected by it?I will be very grateful if you can explain this to me as i am totally confused on this issue. Regards … Read more »

Reason for prohibiting gambling/lottery

August 01, 2019

Question Can you please explain the “wisdom” of the Qur’an for prohibiting Gambling/Lottery and other forms of similar practices and the way it applies to present societies of the world.Apparently, gambling is a source of earning and helps stabilise economy of a country. Reply The Islamic Shari`ah has prohibited all kinds of financial transactions in which … Read more »

Can muslims say AssalamoAlaikum to people of other faiths?

July 17, 2019

Question Where i live there are lots of Christians,Hindus and Sikhs. They also understand my language and we have good social relations.I was just wondering whether, as Muslims, we are allowed to say AssalamoAlaikum to them? JazakAllah ker, Answer Muslims, wherever in the world they are, must be a source of peace and blessing for … Read more »

Is Alcohol prohibited in earlier revelations

June 27, 2019

Question You claim that Adam(pbuh)is the first prophet of Islam and Muhammad(pbuh)is the last prophet of Islam. So, why was Alcohol, which is considered so disastrous for the faculty of reasoning, not prohibited in the previous scriptures sent to Ibrahim(pbuh),Moses(pbuh) and Jesus(pbuh)? Reply It is not correct to say that intoxicants were not prohibited in … Read more »

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