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Question Is there any concept of nationalism in Islam? This question is in relation to Jihad. I mean Jihad is when we fight in the way of Allah would it be jihad since most of us are in the armed forces but they serve a particular country. Do the men dying like that be regarded … Read more »

Question What is your opinion regarding the roles of Religion and Science in mans life? Do you believe that they are two separate entities, which should never interfere with each other? Or do you think the sciences should have an “Islamicized” goal (without necessarily hindering the findings of scientific endeavor). Further, what is your opinion … Read more »

Question I want to inquire regarding the eating the food from the people who do not believe in God’s books like eating in the home of Hindus or Sikhs. Most of the Hindus are vegetarians so the food prepared is actually halaal in nature. Please explain. Reply Muslims must always remember that they are the … Read more »

Question Some people say that drinking alcohol may have been criticised in the Quran but it has not been made haram.Can you explain why people say it like that? Answer The language,style and terminologies of Quran are not the same which our clerics use to issue fatwas.According to our understanding, the Qur’an has given a … Read more »

Question Why was drinking alcohol not prohibited in earlier religions? As people generally say: If it is so disastrous for the faculty of reasoning then it should have been disallowed for the earlier religions also? Reply It is not correct to say that intoxicants were not prohibited in previous revelations. Intoxicants are a part of the … Read more »

Question Some people use the verse below as proof that every thing in the sea is Halaal. But I think that according to the context it is actually dealing with the fact that the people going for Hajj are allowed to eat what they catch from the sea on their way. It is not dealing … Read more »

Question What is your point of view regarding carnivorous fishes like sharks and carnivorous whales etc. Will they fall under the same category as carnivorous animals on land? Reply Man has generally grouped, primarily, carnivorous and predatory animals as inedible items or with items which are naturally not meant for eating. There is no reason … Read more »

Question Can you please explain the “Hikma” of the Qur’an for prohibiting Gambling/Lottery and other forms of similar practices and the way it applies to present societies of the world. Reply The Shari`ah has prohibited all kinds of financial transactions in which anyone or more of the parties involved in the transaction gains any amount … Read more »

Question If a merchant buys an object from somewhere for let’s say $5, then he placed it in his shop to sell, only when he sold it the selling price he listed was $15, obviously, this is not Riba (increase on borrowed money) but would this business practice be o.k. under Islamic concepts of righteousness? … Read more »

Question I have this question on Network Marketing. In network marketing, a person buys some products from a company at a very low cost. The reason for the very low cost of product is that the wholesaler and retailer are not involved and thus a buyer directly buys from the manufacturer. Buying products from such … Read more »

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