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The Second Question I appreciate your response to the question of Zabiha meat.  One of things mentioned in regards to the meat in Christian countries might be a bit off. In terms of draining the blood: according to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States, blood has to be drained from the animal … Read more »

The First Question With regard to your question on eating meat from the societies of the people of the Book, your response seems to contradict the opinion of the Shaikh at “islamicity.com” whom I hold in good respect. His opinion can be accessed at: http://www.islamicity.org/dialogue/Q226.HTM I would like to know what your reasoning would be … Read more »

I am a businessman and travel around the world very frequently. My question is regarding halal food. I was informed that I can actually consume meat or any halal food within Islamic definition in any Christian/Jewish countries, in layman terms I can have Big Mac in Los Angeles, US.   Please clarify. Reply From amongst … Read more »

Question Does Islam believe in democracy?what is the practical Islamic form of government? Answer Before answering your question i would like to clarify one thing that the final message of God to humanity had not come to give a more modern or a more comprehensive system of politics or economics or punishments for the human … Read more »

َQuestion Dear brother assalamu alaikum After I forwarded your answer to these Christians that is what they sent me.: Hi Fab, thanks for the email.  But I find it woefully lacking in actual quotes.  The response is filled with “so and so said such and such”.  That doesn’t cut it. In my paper, that deals … Read more »

Question What was Ayesha’s (ra) age at the time of her marriage? It is normally believed that she was nine years old at the time of her marriage with Mohammad (sws) was consummated. I do think it was according to the traditions of the Arab culture, as otherwise people would have objected to this marriage. But unfortunately, … Read more »

Question What shall happen to children on the Judgment Day? Reply The reward or the punishment that a man shall face on the Day of Judgment will be the result of the intentional and consciously done good or bad deeds. Children who die before reaching the age of mental maturity shall obviously not deserve to … Read more »

Question Can the living reward the dead by doing hajj for them and reading the Qur’an? In the case of the latter is there any significance in doing Qur’anic recital 3 days and 40 days after someone’s passing? This appears to be a common practice by some segments of the Pakistani society. Is there any … Read more »

The Second Question Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for answering my queries with regard to my late father. After some time, I still miss my beloved father. One question keeps on haunting me, how is he doing up there? The urge to have this answered is especially stronger every time I visit his graveyard. I … Read more »

Question My father has passed away 3 months ago to be with his creator.According to the post mortem done on him, he had drowned. I know for sure that the last thing he did before leaving this world was fishing, (fishing had become his hobby only since the last few months before his demise) for … Read more »

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