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Question The common understanding of Muslims is that when Ramadan begins the devils are chained and the gates of heaven are opened. However, this does not seem to make sense because if the devils are chained then how is it possible to do evil during Ramadan? Is the suggestion then that during Ramadan no human … Read more »

Question I live in the United States and every year I observe Ramadan. It drives me insane that as Muslims we cannot agree as to the date of when it begins. I get highly upset that this simple issue has not been overcome yet. If Allah created everything in due measure then it must be … Read more »

Question I am a Christian student taking a class entitled Muslim Faith and Feeling to learn more about your life and faith. I am doing a paper on Ramadan. Since I am from the US, my question is: 1.How is it different celebrating Ramadan in a predominately non-Muslim country, like the USA? 2.How is it … Read more »

Question Asalaamualaykum In Islam we believe that Allah creates everything with a purpose. Why then does Allah create certain animals like rats, flies, and other creatures which don’t seem to have much of a purpose (besides being food for other animals, spreading disease etc) and are more of a nuisance and sometimes breed too much … Read more »

Question I had sent this question to you earlier, though not through this service. It is one that has perturbed me immensely. Islam teaches that life is a test that will consist of both prosperity and adversity, and that in a state of the former, we are tested for our gratitude and of the latter, … Read more »

Question I have been suffering from an illness (skin) for many years now, which has prevented me from doing many things. As a result my day-to-day activities have become limited. I appreciate that Allah tests us during this life, but this has become too much for me, still being young and I feel very frustrated … Read more »

Question If ALLAH knows the future of every man then why is still ALLAH testing us? If ALLAH knows that one person shall go to hell then what purpose does his life serve? ALLAH knows everything. I await for your answer. Answer God is testing man, by giving him free will to choose between right … Read more »

Question According to Islam, what’s the basic purpose of life? What’s the point of this whole exercise? God already knew everything so He didn’t need to experiment with the world. Answer According to the Qur’an, God created the heavens and the earth (which apparently implies the physical universe) – Hu’d 11:7 – and created life and death … Read more »

Question Paper marriage is quite common in UK and USA among expatriates from poor countries. Muslims and non-Muslims are equally involved in this practice. Is it an acceptable thing to do from Islamic point of view if exercised without any lustful intentions, in fact, solely for economic reasons? As a result of paper marriage people … Read more »

Question What is the status of a nikah(1), which a girl and a boy do by themselves. That is, the boy asks the girl that do you accept so and so (own name) son of so and so (father’s name) as your husband with so much (amount) as haq meher in front of God and … Read more »

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