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Question   Wasn’t Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Hazrat Zaynab a marriage of convenience? How come he received a revelation which allowed him to marry her?   Answer   Messengers of God are picked directly by the Almighty. Their lives, viz a viz dissemination of the Almighty’s message to humanity, are also governed by the One … Read more »

Question The orientalists and some muslims raise lots of questions about the marriage of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) with hazrat Zaynab(ra).Could you kindly explain why prophet(pbuh) had to marry Zaynab(ra)?Couldn’t there be another solution to the problem?There are lots of stories about this event which i cannot mention.Hope you can give a detailed answer. Jazak’Allah Khairan Answer … Read more »

About transgenders

March 16, 2020

Question What is Islamic point of view about transgenders?How should we look at such people in an Islamic society as generally people have a very negative point of view about them.Should they be ostracized?Please,give references from Quran and Hadith. Regards Answer There is nothing in Quran and Hadith about transgender people so any opinion formed … Read more »

Is paper marriage acceptable?

March 04, 2020

Question Paper marriage is quite common in UK and USA among expatriates from poor countries. Muslims and non-Muslims are equally involved in this practice. Is it an acceptable thing to do from Islamic point of view if exercised without any lustful intentions, in fact, solely for economic reasons? As a result of paper marriage people … Read more »

Donating human organs! An Islamic perspective

February 25, 2020

Question How does Islam feel about organ donation? My father is very sick and he needs a liver transplant soon or he will die. He is on a very long list of recipients and there is nothing we can do, except wait for an organ donor to pass away so my father can get his … Read more »

Is women’s testimony half as reliable?

February 11, 2020

Question If Islam says that it gives equal rights to women, why then most clerics say that women’s testimony is half compared to men?Is it in Quran? Answer In our opinion, the above assumption has no basis in Islam and is result of incorrect understanding of Quran. The idea that the witness of women is … Read more »

Was Islam initially spread by force?

January 19, 2020

Question Non Muslims claim that in the beginning Islam was spread by force. Whereas Muslims claim that in Islam no one can be forced to accept any religion in a true Islamic society. What can be said to substantiate this claim of Muslims? Reply The statement ‘in the beginning Islam was spread by force’ is … Read more »

Praying for followers of other faiths

December 29, 2019

Question Why is it that a Muslim cannot make dua for a deceased non-Muslim? For example, I don’t understand why a Muslim would not be able to offer dua for his/her deceased non-Muslim parents, especially when we are encouraged to pray for our parents after their death for their salvation. Answer Muslim scholars are generally … Read more »

Is a secret Nikah valid?

December 20, 2019

Question What is the status of a nikah(1), which a girl and a boy do by themselves. That is, the boy asks the girl that do you accept so and so (own name) son of so and so (father’s name) as your husband with so much (amount) as haq meher in front of God and … Read more »

Taking the citizenship oath in a country of faith other than Islam

December 03, 2019

Question I am a Pakistani, living in Canada as immigrant, I want to know that, is it allowed to take immigration of a non-Muslim country. At the time of citizenship every one has to take an oath to pledge his/her loyalty to the Queen and Canada, this is done of course on holy book (Qur’an … Read more »

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