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The message of Islam

October 23, 2018

I live in America.I do not follow any religion.I have met many muslims in my life and have asked them about Islam but, in all honesty, i have always been given different answers.Can i ask you to give me the message of Islam in a nutshell? ? Many thanks Reply In its simplest form, the … Read more »

Does everything in creation have a purpose?

October 16, 2018

Question Asalaamualaykum In Islam we believe that Allah creates everything with a purpose. Why then does Allah create certain animals like rats, flies, crocodiles and other creatures which don’t seem to have much of a purpose and are more of a nuisance.Some of these creatures breed too much that we have to kill them? It … Read more »

Prophet’s(pbuh) attitude towards his enemies

October 04, 2018

Question Muslim scholars have a disagreement on an historical event involving Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).This event is related to the ‘funeral prayer’of Abdullah ibn Ubayye,leader of the hypocrites during the time of prophet Muhammad(pbuh).Some scholars say that prophet(pbuh) didn’t lead his funeral while others say that he(pbuh)did.What is your opinion? Answer   Our opinion is based on … Read more »

Does Islam dislike dogs?

September 24, 2018

Question There are Ahadith in which prophet(pbuh) has ordered killings of dogs, why?There is also a hadith in which Gabriel(as)refused to enter the house of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) as there was a dog beneath his bed yet there is another hadith in which prophet(pbuh) has advised cleaning of utensils seven times if a dog has licked … Read more »

Opinion on Non practicing muslims!

September 12, 2018

Question There are many “Muslims” these days who dont pray, or fast or ever intend to do Hajj or anything. A lot of these Muslims, however, have strong convictions regarding the truth of Islam and the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh). Does their lack of adherence to the practical aspects of faith make them rejecters? These … Read more »

What constitutes kufr?

September 12, 2018

Question In the Prophet’s time, there was a well demarcated line that determined whether or not you were a Kafir (Rejector). If you believed that Muhammad (pbuh) was the messenger of God, but you still persisted in worshiping Idols (as was the prevalent form of religion then), then you were a Kafir. Further, most of the time, the Kafirs mentioned … Read more »

Question AssalamoAlaikum, Could you kindly explain what does Islam require from a muslim, who is not performing Hajj, during the first 10 days of Zul-Hajj? Are all the suggested practices, like not clipping nails and cutting hair, obligatory? Regards Answer A religious practice becomes obligatory only if there is a clear directive in the Quran … Read more »

Taking the citizenship oath in a country of faith other than Islam

July 11, 2018

Question I am a Pakistani, living in Canada as immigrant, I want to know that, is it allowed to take immigration of a non-Muslim country. At the time of citizenship every one has to take an oath to pledge his/her loyalty to the Queen and Canada, this is done of course on holy book (Qur’an … Read more »

Is ablution mandatory before touching the Quran?

June 15, 2018

                                                                           Question I would like to inquire that with out ablution someone can touch the Quran CD? and if you recite the Quran from computer … Read more »

Question Some Muslims on the basis of fatwas given by a couple of unknown scholars in the UK and in other countries where the duration of fasts are long have started following the timing of Mecca for fasting.In short these people do not do their suhoor according to the local time and would break their … Read more »

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