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Can muslims say AssalamoAlaikum to people of other faiths?

July 17, 2019

Question Where i live there are lots of Christians,Hindus and Sikhs. They also understand my language and we have good social relations.I was just wondering whether, as Muslims, we are allowed to say AssalamoAlaikum to them? JazakAllah ker, Answer Muslims, wherever in the world they are, must be a source of peace and blessing for … Read more »

Is Alcohol prohibited in earlier revelations

June 27, 2019

Question You claim that Adam(pbuh)is the first prophet of Islam and Muhammad(pbuh)is the last prophet of Islam. So, why was Alcohol, which is considered so disastrous for the faculty of reasoning, not prohibited in the previous scriptures sent to Ibrahim(pbuh),Moses(pbuh) and Jesus(pbuh)? Reply It is not correct to say that intoxicants were not prohibited in … Read more »

Benifiting deceased parents

June 18, 2019

Question I was abroad when my father died. I could not look after him like my other siblings. I have this guilty feeling inside me that I did not do as much for my father as I should have. Is there anything I can do to redeem myself? Regards Answer Brother, a person is judged … Read more »

Eid Mubarak

June 04, 2019

We would like to wish our viewers a very happy Eid. You may share this article on your social media timeline:Views: 56

When should zakat ul fitr be paid?

June 03, 2019

Question It is a general understanding of muslims that zakat ul fitr,commonly known as fitrana, should be paid before the salah of Eid on Eid day.Is this an established practice of prophet Muhammad(pbuh)? Answer Paying zakat ul fitr is mandatory on every member of the househould no matter how old or young that member of … Read more »

Can one use inhalers or other medicines during fasting?

May 23, 2019

Question Some scholars say that inhalers cannot be used during fasting as some portion of it reaches stomach while inhaling them. Kindly, give your views not just on inhalers but also 0n other medications which become necessary for sustenance of life. Regards Reply The answer below has been formulated after seeking advise from an expert … Read more »

Ramadan obligations in extreme situations.

May 17, 2019

Question I have a tricky question regarding Ramadan and prayers timings in areas of the world where the sun never rises.How is one supposed to keep the fast? How does one know when the time for sala’h is? Answer There is an established principle in Deen explained by prophet Muhammad(pbuh) that if something is not … Read more »

Why not a universal time of fasting?

May 10, 2019

Question I am sure you already know that hours of the day are different in different parts of the world and during different seasons. Why did Islam not standardize the hours of fasting? We know that fasting starts at sunrise and ends at sunset, but in some parts of the world it may take more … Read more »

Are devils chained during Ramadhan?

May 03, 2019

Question The common understanding of Muslims is that when Ramadan begins the devils are chained and the gates of heaven are opened. However, this does not seem to make sense because if the devils are chained then how is it possible to do evil during Ramadan? Is the suggestion then that during Ramadan no human … Read more »

Intercession on the day of judgement

April 19, 2019

Question Kindly explain to me the concept of intercession from Quran and authentic Ahadith as i keep hearing diversified views on the subject which give me an impression that no matter how sinful,immoral,wicked or even serial killer a muslim is, since he has recited the kalima, prophet Muhammad(pbuh) will intercede for him on the day … Read more »

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