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Our Mission.

Understanding Islam UK (UIUK) is a non political, non sectarian organisation established by a group of Muslims in the North West of UK to provide a platform for partnership to work towards a better understanding of God’s guidance.

We promote a platform of learning together, in a tolerant, respectful and friendly atmosphere.

Going back fourteen hundred years, Muslims not only added an impulse to the intellectual development of the human race but also lifted humanity spiritually and morally during its darkest ages. This endeavor resulted in Muslim rule spreading far and wide throughout the world. This ascendancy had become possible only because those Muslims were the embodiment of true Islamic teachings.

However, centuries that followed, for various reasons, Muslims appear to have gradually lost their way. One of the reasons of this moral and intellectual decline, we believe, was their disregard for the Almighty’s guidance. Read More »

Our Work

The projects that are currently undertaken by the UIUK, reflect its mission statement ‘Let’s work together in understanding God’s guidance’.

We are committed to our core values, of education, inclusiveness, unity integrity and humility.

Since we pride ourselves in being a ‘non-sectarian’ organisation, we do not rigidly adhere to a single scholar or sectarian following. Instead, we strongly believe and promote an Islamic narrative that easily surpasses the confines of narrow sectarian boundaries or selective scholarly affiliations.

In our following, we are very clear that we will not accept anything which we feel is against the teachings of Quran and the established practices and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We and our community take pride in calling ourselves just Muslims without any appellation... Read More »

To see a list of scholars who are some of our regular sources of reference, please click here.

Questions and Answers

In this section, we have attempted to provide answers to some of the very pertinent questions on religion in general and Islam in particular. These answers have been given by scholars who hold Quran and Sunnah as the basis of their knowledge and their following is in line with our non sectarian approach. We don’t claim to be holders of ultimate truth and actively encourage constructive criticism. We encourage our respected readers to also consult other sources where they feel our humble reasoning hasn’t stimulated or satisfied their inquiry. We would request, for the readers to kindly reply to us using the form underneath each answer, where they feel our narrative needs correcting. We hope to have an engaging and educating relationship with all our visitors.

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