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What is the Gist of teaching of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

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We are often told by christian missionaries that the teachings of Jesus(pbuh) is to love people.They accuse us that the teachings of your prophet are not so kind.What would you say about this?



Abraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammad (pbut) were all prophets of God and their teachings were the same in their nature. There was absolutely no difference in the central theme of the teachings of these prophets of God. Nevertheless, because of the differences in the circumstances in which an individual prophet performed his duties of delivering God’s message to the people, there sometimes was a difference in the stress of one or the other aspect of the overall message.

Thus, for instance, if we take the case of Jesus (pbuh), we see that he was raised among a people who were already aware of God’s directives and legislations and that his primary duty was to remind these people of the true spirit of these directives and legislations. Muhammad (pbuh), on the other hand, was more like Moses (pbuh), who not only freed his addressees from the shackles of polytheism, but also informed and taught them and, later on, implemented upon them the legislations and directives of God.

Furthermore, in contrast to Moses and Muhammad (pbut), both of whom were made statutory leaders of their respective followers after which they implemented God’s directives relating to Jihad (fighting the rejecters), punishments and other collective laws, the life of Jesus (pbuh) remained clear of the stage of statutory authority and rule and, thus, of the stage of implementing God’s legislations upon the collectivity.

It is primarily such differences,as are explained above,which have caught all the attention of the respective followers of the various prophets of God, which has led them to distinguish between the message delivered by these various prophets. Had these followers taken a broader view of the teachings of these prophets, they would have realized that the teachings of these various prophets of God clearly emanate from the same well and entails a common message of worship and submission to the One True God.

Sadly,some missionaries do not reveal the whole truth.If they include old testament in their teachings,which they are bound to, they wont be able to make the claims they usually do.Jesus(pbuh)clearly said in the book of Matthew(5:17-18) “Do not think that i have come to abolish the law or the prophets;i have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.For truly i tell you,until heaven and earth disappear,not the smallest letter,not the least stroke of pen ,will by any means disappear from the law until everything is accomplished”

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