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Monthly Study Circles held in Manchester and Bradford

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Study circles are run to encourage learning through mutual dialogue and to promote participation and create a connection with the Quran and other Islamic texts.

These are held from Stalybridge and Bradford, every last Saturday of the month (dates subject to change by notification to attendees).

These are the main objectives of these study sessions:

To improve the relationship with the Quran by improving its reading, recitation, knowledge, understanding and practice in personal lives.

To improve knowledge and awareness of problems facing the Muslim community and to discuss their solutions.

To enhance correct knowledge and practice of Allah’s Deen in ranks and files of the Muslim community and to encourage and help acquire Tazkia in personal lives.

To encourage everyone to reach out to non-Muslims and Muslims alike, with our message of all-inclusive non-sectarian Islam.

To promote cohesiveness amongst Muslims and for Muslims to become more productive British citizens.

To join us at one of these study circles please fill out a short request form here, or alternatively email us at info@uiuk.org.

We warmly welcome all new guests and anyone who is new to this form of learning and our unique non-sectarian approach.

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