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– Study circles are run to encourage learning through mutual dialogue between the participants of the circle.The unique thing about these circles is that there are no scholars present in them and common muslims join hands in learning from each other.If we are unsure of any issue then we consult our preferred scholars as we dont have one particular scholar whom we follow.

– Quran is central to this way of learning.We stress in our discussions that without sound understanding and knowledge of Quran it is unlikely that we can ever lay a reliable foundation of Deen in our lives and in the society we live in.We believe in evidence based religious knowledge.

– We encourage muslims from all backgrounds to participate in our study circles.UIUK is determined to remove all kinds of sectarianism and personality worship from muslim quarters.We have a firm belief that the only possibility of unity among muslims is through assembling under the banner of Quran and established Sunnah of prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

– We promote mutual respect among various muslim sects and between muslims and people belonging to other faiths.

– Although our sessions are meant for muslims mainly but anyone belonging to any faith can participate in our programmes.The only condition that we have for participation is to stay civilised and cultured.We encourage questioning but we have zero tolerance for unruly and disruptive behaviour.

– The ultimate objective of these study circles is to earn the pleasure of God through becoming His submissive servant.We want our members to apply the teachings of Islam practically in their lives and become embodiment of their beliefs.We have no doubt that the best exhibition of our beliefs is through helping the deprived and disadvantaged people of the world in general and our society in particular.

– It is our dream that these type of Quran central study circles become part and parcel of every muslim home throughout the world.

In order to get the best out of our sessions we announce our programme few weeks in advance and encourage our members to come prepared for a healthy dialogue.

To join us at one of these study circles please fill out a short request form here, or alternatively email us at info@uiuk.org.

We warmly welcome all new guests.

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