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  • The Hereafter(Akhirah)

Will the Bliss of paradise be Absolute?

Question I was recently thinking about the idea of eternal bliss, as my philosophy teacher posed the following (completely arbitrary) question on an exam: “Do you find the idea of eternal bliss appealing or repellant? Why?” My immediate answer to this was that it is appealing, especially considering the immense suffering that flesh is heir … Read more »

The severity of punishment in the Hereafter

Question In a dialogue I had with an atheist over the summer, we discussed the story of the Trust mentioned in Chapter 33. I explained that the Trust represents the test of this life, in which, if we succeed, we are rewarded and if we fail, punished. He mentioned that this was an aspect of … Read more »

Sins which follow eternal punishment

Question I have heard that besides Shirk, cold-blooded murder and not dividing inheritance properly are two other sins that can send one to hell forever. Is this true? Reply There are, indeed, a few other crimes – besides Shirk – mentioned in the Qur’an, as entailing the fearsome potential of subjecting a person to the … Read more »

Is the end near?

Quran The Qur’an clearly states that knowledge of the Final Hour rests with the Almighty alone. While the idea that Judgment Day is coming soon is neither essential to nor a part of Muslim belief, does the termination of the institution of prophethood indicate that God’s Judgment is near? What I mean is that it … Read more »

The start of the judgement day

Question When the Qur’an says that two trumpets will be sounded, does it mean that they will herald the Day of Judgment itself or only the events leading up to Judgment Day, such as “children being rendered white-haired,” the Sun and moon fusing together, the mountains being tossed like carded wool, etc.? If you have … Read more »

What if i am wrong?What should i do?

Question The concern I’m about to relate may at first come off as irrelevant to Islam, but I have been sharing it with a number of people and am still troubled. Since I decided to become a practicing Muslim, I feel as though God has showered His Love and Mercy on me, even though I … Read more »

Bases of belief in day of judgement and life after death

Question How do you prove to a Muslim or a non-Muslim that the Day of Judgment actually exists or is coming? Regards Reply Before explaining the bases on which the Qur’an has evidenced the Day of Judgment, we must first consciously realize whether the present setup of the world and our lives require a Judgment … Read more »

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