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On Mahmud Ghaznavi’s destruction of Somanth temple

Question We people. in Pakistan constantly read about Mahmud Ghaznavi as a great Mujahid and his act of invasion and destruction of the temple of Somnath is mentioned as a highly commendable act. What is the Islamic position of this act? Was it justifiable? Some people justify by drawing it parallel to the destruction of … Read more »

Rafi Usmani’s opinion regarding destruction of Buddha statues

         Question Mufti Rafi Usmani, Grand Mufti of Pakistan, has refuted the claim that the destruction of the statues in Afghanistan is an un-Islamic act. In a telephone interview with Albalagh E Journal, he stated the Islamic position on this issue. He noted that the Qur’an does tell us about the example of Prophet Ibrahim, alayhi salam, who … Read more »

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