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Reward for Doing Things With My Right Hand

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All work we do with right hands in a day?give points?


Your question is not fully comprehensible; however, I will answer it as best as I can. One of the most important things one has to comprehend, down to their very souls, is that Islam is not based on a points system but a deep and fundamental relationship with the Almighty. As such, we should be doing good things out of selflessness. That, in my humble opinion, is the way to God. People tend to focus far too much on how many points they gather and lose sight of the true objective. Another point to consider is that it is not the hand that determines the blessings one receives; rather, it is the intention and the actual product of ones’ works that does. The right hand in Islam is symbolic for those who will attain their records of how they lived in their right hand. This implies that they will achieve the goal of being with their Lord in the hereafter.

I invite you to contemplate on the above and seek God in a meaningful way. Set aside the thoughts of what blessings you will earn for what good that you do and concentrate on doing good for the purpose of good. That is closer to God; your hands (right or left) are merely to reach out to Him when you do what is good.

I hope this helps.

God knows best.

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