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  • Jihad and related issues

Jehad in the absence of an organised political state

Question Please clarify my following doubt: Consider a Non-Muslim country, though the country as a whole is not oppressing Muslims but there are large organizations backed by government top authorities oppressing Muslims including killing, blaspheming etc. In order to stop the atrocities by those organizations and its supporters, If a group of Muslims in that … Read more »

Some objections on ‘Jehad not possible without the state’

Question I have read on your website that Jihad is not possible without a politically recognized state. I encountered many objections in a discussion on this topic. Some of the objections are listed below. How do you define a politically recognized state? Is it a state politically recognized by UN, US or by ourselves? Take … Read more »

Jehad with a Nationalistic spirit

Question Is there any concept of nationalism in Islam? This question is in relation to Jihad. I mean Jihad is when we fight in the way of Allah would it be jihad since most of us are in the armed forces but they serve a particular country. Do the men dying like that be regarded … Read more »

further on punishment of apostasy

Question I’ve read your views on the subject of punishment for apostasy. To begin with I too would be glad if what you say is true. This is because I feel such a punishment is a direct contradiction to the principle that there is no compulsion in Islam. But many scholars – both contemporary as … Read more »

Punishment of apostasy

Question On one hand It is claimed that there is no compulsion in the religion of Islam but when ever a muslim becomes an apostate the clerics start demanding death penalty for that person.Is it not a glaring contradiction? Answer It is generally believed that apostasy is punishable by death. This prevailing concept about apostasy, … Read more »

Some Clarifications Regarding the Position & the Mission of a Rasu’l

Question I will be very grateful if you can answer following querries; Define Itmaam-i-hujjat and Indhar (briefly) After the Prophet, the Companions with the institution of Khilafah, were able to represent the truth in its most perfect form (second only to the Prophet (sws). Since there is no institution of Khilafah, what are the implications … Read more »

Jihad of the Messenger (pbuh) & His Companions

Is it correct that jihad was started against the kuffar(1)after Itmaam e Hujjah(2)of dawah(3). It could be true for people living around Makkah, where the prophet preached prior to hijrah(4). But how did he complete Itmaam e Hujjah of other Arabian tribes living in far off parts of Arabia? Also how did he complete Itmaam i hujjah … Read more »

Regarding Jihad

Question Islamic precepts suggest under what circumstances a jihad can take place.  Equally important but less well understood is a related question:  Under what circumstances should jihad be suspended if its intended purposes are not being met?  The situation in Kashmir provides specific context to this important question. There is no evidence to date that … Read more »

A Comment on ‘The Initial Spread of Islam & the Law of Jihad’

Question Recently we had a lecture series on Islam. The speaker for these talks was brother Riaz Ansary from Middle East (originally from US). During our discussion on “Fitna” verse, I explained that this particular verse is only restricted to the Kuffaars of that time Arab. I also referred him some of your answers on … Read more »

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