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Reward for Doing Things With My Right Hand

Question All work we do with right hands in a day?give points? Answer Your question is not fully comprehensible; however, I will answer it as best as I can. One of the most important things one has to comprehend, down to their very souls, is that Islam is not based on a points system but … Read more »

Delaying a Burial

Question Living abroad (in UK) away from Parents. My Father already died last year. I am the heir and only male of my mother and my Mother is seriuosly sick and in Hospital (In Nigeria). and may die or live as God permits ( I was told to be prepared for anything but hope for … Read more »

Breathing A Blessing

Question Is it correct ‘blowing air from mouth like blessing’? I use to saw usually old people after they pray or after reading Qur’an they use to call their younger one and blow air from their mouth as if they are blessing them. I want to know how far this practice is correct in aspect … Read more »

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