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Delaying a Burial

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Living abroad (in UK) away from Parents. My Father already died last year. I am the heir and only male of my mother and my Mother is seriuosly sick and in Hospital (In Nigeria). and may die or live as God permits ( I was told to be prepared for anything but hope for the best.) I would like to see my Mother in person; dead or alive. (Very important to me and her)
My Nigerian Passport has expired and it takes like three Months for a re-issue. It will take weeks and months for a Nigerian Visa on my British passport (And a lot of hassle at point of entry in Nigeria) If my Mother dies and passport / Visas are not yet through.

Can I delay burial for a few weeks till I get to Nigeria?
What is the rule with regards to rites and positioned Child and to what extent can it be waived as I do not want to suffer the same fate as some of my Friends who never had the opportunity to pay their last respect to their parents just because they live abroad and Parents were buried within 24 hours of death before ?
Should I contact the Imam of the Central mosque where she is a Chief and make my wish known and what should be my grounds of request?

Please Oblige.

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It is not inline with the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) to delay the burying of dead. I cannot say that it is against Sharia to delay it but it is certainly not recommended for the above reason. It is narrated from the Prophet (pbuh):

Hasten to bury your dead…. (Bukhaari, 1315).

Paying respect to some one should be done when the person is alive, after his/her death,paying respect will have little meaning.I therefore suggest that you arrange to travel and visit your mother while she is alive. This will be the proper way for you to fulfill your duties to her. By delaying the burial only to visit the body one does not do any good to the decease.

Hope this helps


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