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  • Rasul and Nabi

Obeying the prophet(pbuh)

Question Could you please explain the meaning of ‘Obey Prophet’ which we are commanded repeatedly in the Quran? I understand ‘Obey Allah’ to mean to follow all the commandments of God as He mentioned in the Quran. Does the commandment of ‘Obey Prophet’ applies only to the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) and not to … Read more »

Rafi Usmani’s opinion regarding destruction of Buddha statues

         Question Mufti Rafi Usmani, Grand Mufti of Pakistan, has refuted the claim that the destruction of the statues in Afghanistan is an un-Islamic act. In a telephone interview with Albalagh E Journal, he stated the Islamic position on this issue. He noted that the Qur’an does tell us about the example of Prophet Ibrahim, alayhi salam, who … Read more »

Further Clarification on the Divine law relating to Messengers

Question Thank you for your response. I would like you to clarify my following doubts.   Was the divine law relating to messengers applicable to Magians, Sabians etc and other creeds which ascribed to polytheistic beliefs in Arabia? What was their fate after the revelation of Surah At-Taubah? Could you provide evidences that the Divine … Read more »

An Exchange on God’s Law relating to Messengers

Question I read your explanation of the God’s Law relating to the messengers. You wrote that once the Messengers make the Truth (of Islam) entirely clear to their addressee, the God’s law takes into effect. According to your explanation of the God’s law relating to messengers, all the polytheists addressee are punished to death by … Read more »

Difference between Nabi and Rasul – an Uncommon Interpretation

Question Your interpretation about the difference between Nabi and Raul is appealing. But is it not a fact that the proposed interpretation is described by you people only, in the whole Muslim history? Why? Reply Trying to determine why a particular opinion was or was not held by scholars in the past can entail a lot … Read more »

Some Clarifications Regarding the Position & the Mission of a Rasu’l

Question After reading your opinion on the difference between a Rasul and Nabi,concept of Itmam ul hujjat,establishment of Khilafa etc, i have following questions in mind; Define Itmaam-i-hujjat and Indhar (briefly) After the Prophet, the Companions with the institution of Khilafah, were able to represent the truth in its most perfect form (second only to … Read more »

Rasul and Nabi

Question While reading over Surah Yasin, I was wondering a little bit about the distinction, if any between a Messenger and a Prophet? It seems as though many people make the argument that Muhammad (pbuh) was the “seal of the prophets” but not of the messengers. They argue that Messengers will continue to come. The … Read more »

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