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Further Clarification on the Divine law relating to Messengers

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Thank you for your response. I would like you to clarify my following doubts.


  1. Was the divine law relating to messengers applicable to Magians, Sabians etc and other creeds which ascribed to polytheistic beliefs in Arabia? What was their fate after the revelation of Surah At-Taubah?
  2. Could you provide evidences that the Divine law pertaining to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was extended to his companions also?
  3. Can we at present times allow polytheist to live in Arabia (including Mecca, Medina) now and allow them to construct their idol worship places and to practice their religion? If Islam does not allow this, does this not mean that the Divine law is extended even to us?



My answers to your questions follow:

-In the first stage – that is, through the person of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – the Divine law relating to the Messengers of God was implemented on all the creeds living in the Arabian Peninsula. Not a single creed living within the boundaries of the Peninsula was exempted from this law. All people ascribing to polytheism were subjected to the death penalty while all the other creeds were subjected to the political subservience of the Muslims, in case of their refusal to accept Islam;

-The position that the Qur’an has given to the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) in verses Al-Baqarah 2: 142 and Al-Hajj 22: 78 and a few other similar verses clearly implies, in a way, the extension of the law to the companions of the Messenger (pbuh);

-Whether people of other faiths are allowed to enter Mecca or not is entirely Saudi Govt’s decision.They need to ensure the city’s security which is entirely their prerogative,however,it can be very confidently said that Quran does not prohibit anyone from entering Mecca or Masjid e Haram as the verses of ‘Surah Taubah’ are directly addressing the polytheists who were rejectors of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

I hope this helps



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