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Significance of 1st 10 days of Zulhajj

Question AssalamoAlaikum, Could you kindly explain what does Islam require from a muslim, who is not performing Hajj, during the first 10 days of Zul-Hajj? Are all the suggested practices, like not clipping nails and cutting hair, obligatory? Regards Answer A religious practice becomes obligatory only if there is a clear directive in the Quran … Read more »

Fasting with Mecca while living in Europe?

Question Some Muslims on the basis of fatwas given by a couple of unknown scholars in the UK and in other countries where the duration of fasts are long have started following the timing of Mecca for fasting.In short these people do not do their suhoor according to the local time and would break their … Read more »

Controversy of Moon sighting

Question Why is it compulsory to sight the moon with naked eye to mark the beginning or end of Ramadan?Why cant we adopt the scientific methods available today to sight the moon and bring an end to this extremely disgusting debate between different sects which, as a matter of fact, is driving the younger generation … Read more »

Inhalers and other medications during fasting

Question Kindly, elaborate for me what kind of medications one can use during fasting? Answer Please, bear in mind that this is a fiqahi issue and one can have difference of opinion on such issues. We can only suggest what we think is the best approach.Our approach is given below; In general all human systems … Read more »

Making up for lost prayers.

Question From my younger days, I have not prayed. At the age of 49 years, I started to pray and now it has already been three years, since I started praying. For those years which I have not prayed, how can i offer Qadha? Wassalaam Answer First of all, you must be congratulated for inclining … Read more »

Fasting in areas where the sun never sets?

Question In one of your answers on the website you have stressed that wherever there is sunrise and sunset, no matter how long the fast is, muslims living in those areas must follow the directives of Quran.My question is about those places in the world where either the sun does’nt even set or rise depending … Read more »

When Ramadan begins the devils are chained?

Question The common understanding of Muslims is that when Ramadan begins the devils are chained and the gates of heaven are opened. However, this does not seem to make sense because if the devils are chained then how is it possible to do evil during Ramadan? Is the suggestion then that during Ramadan no human … Read more »

Differences in prayer Timing and Ramadan Dates

Question I live in the United States and every year I observe Ramadan. It drives me insane that as Muslims we cannot agree as to the date of when it begins. I get highly upset that this simple issue has not been overcome yet. If Allah created everything in due measure then it must be … Read more »

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