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Prayers and Pictures

Question:   Why is it said that one can not pray in a room with pictures. Can you please shed light with respect to Hadith/Sunnah? Fizza Answer: Salaam sister When we collect and analyze all the ahadith on the topic of portraits and image making, we find that the prohibition pertained to particular category of … Read more »

Praying after Asr

Question: We hear a lot of concepts regarding the time span between Asr and Maghrib. Some say it is the time to do ‘Dhikr’ and some say one shouldn’t take a bath during this time. Can you please authenticate the significance of this part of the day in the light of Quran, Sunnah, Hadith? Fizza … Read more »

Hajj,Kaaba and Idolatory.

Question Why does Islam, which is against Idolatry, direct Muslims to kiss the black stone, circumambulate Ka`bah, throw stone on Satan during Hajj? Answer The practices mentioned in your question are rituals of Hajj (pilgrimage) and cannot be even remotely compared to idolatry.  No knowledgeable Muslim can even think about worshiping the Ka`bah or the Black Stone. All these practices are … Read more »

Does Hajj forgive all sins

Question: When one makes the hajj pilgrimage what sins are forgiven? Are all sins – both minor and major – forgiven? Or are just minor ones forgiven? I hear a lot of disagreement among my colleagues on this topic. Answer: One of the prime requirements for the forgiveness of major sins is the sincere desire … Read more »

Tahajjud / Combining Prayers

Question: 1. In the UK now a days Isha Prayers begins at 10:30 p.m. at the earliest and the Fajr Prayers begins at about 2;30 a.m. What does one do in this situation to offer Tahajud Prayers? 2. I am told the ulama in the UK have decreed (Fatwa) that residents of the UK can … Read more »

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