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Fasting with Mecca while living in Europe?

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Some Muslims on the basis of fatwas given by a couple of unknown scholars in the UK and in other countries where the duration of fasts are long have started following the timing of Mecca for fasting.In short these people do not do their suhoor according to the local time and would break their fast with the sun shining in the sky.What are your views on this approach?


It is not the popularity of a scholar or the lack of it which decides issues in Deen.It is the Quran and the established practices of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) which are the final authority in the religion of Islam.No single scholar or even a large group of them can change what is clearly written down in the  Quran.

Keeping the above principles in view,please, refer to the verse of surah Baqarah where the duration of fast is mentioned;

….and eat and drink till the white lining of the morning [sky] becomes distinct to you from the black lining of night. Then complete your fast till the night(Baqarah 2 verse 187).

So, where ever in the world these three signs(the white lining, the black lining and the sunset) are present this duration of the fast, no matter how long it is, will be observed. However, if there are some people living in those areas who cannot sustain these length of fasts due to any pressing circumstances  then they must complete these fasts on days other than Ramadan, a relaxation already mentioned in the Quran, but at no cost the boundaries set by shariah can be altered. Please, refer to the following verse of surah Baqarah;

…And whoever is unwell or is on a journey [during this month], he must complete the number [of fasts] during other days(Baqarah 2 verse 185)

Scholars who are suggesting to shorten fasts in countries like UK or other parts of the world do not fully appreciate that there are countries where the duration of the fast during summer may not be 18 to 19 hrs but the temperature is around 40 to 45 Centigrades(which, without doubt is more taxing) compared to the temp in UK which is generally between 15 to 25 centigrades during summer, so, what should people living in these areas do?Should they be given the allowance to drink water in between as per their needs.

We feel very strongly that When ‘The All Wise’ and ‘The All Merciful’ has already given concessions in His shariah then why should we even attempt to go near the boundaries set by Him.We must very humbly submit to Allah’s laws and must not consider our wisdom superior to His.

May Allah make us His submissive servant.


UIUK team


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Dr henna

Salam thank you for this article. However it’s a controversial subject. There are good articles available online in favour of fasting shorter in Europe. Whether we do it or not personally.
Thank you

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