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Cruelty to Animals – The Method of Slaughter Approved by Islam

Question What are Islam’s/modern Islamic society’s views if any on cruel experiments conducted on animals for medical and cosmetic research? In Islamic slaughter the animal is subjected to a slow and cruel death; cannot the cruelty be reduced by a quick slaughter? Why don’t the modern Islamic society prescribe certain guidelines to make the last … Read more »

Applying Spouse’s Urine on Oneself

Question We have recently converted to Islam and Alhamdulillah. My question is that in India it is customary for Husband/Wife to use the other spouses’ urine for some applications like washing the her1 with it before shower. In some instances spouses drink drops of the partners urine for health. I Understand that a full wash … Read more »

Lying When Required

Question Is lying (not speaking the truth) allowed in Islam? “Well, of course not”. That will be your first response, but here is a situation. Tell me what your response will be. Here is a weak man, who is being beaten by a gangster and thrown all over the place. The weak man, gets a … Read more »

Inter-Ethnic Hacking Wars on the Internet

Question Are the hacking wars between Israeli and Muslim web surfers permissible in Islam. They hack us and we hack back. Is it ok? Specially when hacking is considered a crime? These wars were dubbed by most newspapers as e-jihad. Fee Aman-Allah, Answer In my opinion, a Muslim should avoid resorting to any unethical practices. … Read more »

Donating to a Christian Organization for a Human Cause

Question If you have time I would like to forward a query which was written by a friend. Could someone please help me decide on what to do about this issue I have. Recently in our building here downtown a group from WORLDVISION had a child sponsorship program set up. I went by and the … Read more »

How Can I Save Myself Against Satan’s Attacks?

Question I am a very religious Muslim. I want to be close to Allah (swt), but I have this problem, I keep getting a lot of unworthy thoughts regarding Allah, my religion and my faith. You can call it waswasas1. This usually happens during Ramadhan. I constantly say LA-illaha-illalah. What do I do? I feel … Read more »

Breaking a pledge

Question What is the punishment for someone who says “I swear to God I wont do this” and then the person does that action? Reply If a person has pledged with a serious intention, but still fails to uphold his pledge, then as an expiation of the sin involved in it, the Qur’an has prescribed … Read more »

How May I Defeat the Forces of Evil?

Question I like the website. It is very informative; congrats for all the efforts. I have a question, since 5 years I have been trying to focus on following Islam but now i have lost the hope as every time I start something happens and I stop following it but now the state is such … Read more »

The Law of Fornication & Marriage

Question I have a close friend who committed the sin of fornication when he was younger (probably 16-17). And he has never done it again, continues to pray and fast and do good deeds, and has made it known that he is extremely repentant. He met a Muslim female who is chaste and would marry … Read more »

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