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Applying Spouse’s Urine on Oneself

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We have recently converted to Islam and Alhamdulillah.

My question is that in India it is customary for Husband/Wife to use the other spouses’ urine for some applications like washing the her1 with it before shower.

In some instances spouses drink drops of the partners urine for health. I Understand that a full wash is required after using the spouse’s/self urine, so wudhu can be done.

Are there any limitations as far as Islam is concerned?

My heartiest regards


May the Almighty guide us all to the path of His liking. I sincerely hope and pray for your well being in the life of this world as well as for your eternal success in the hereafter.

My dear brother, Islam wants to develop a very strong sense of physical purity and cleanliness in its followers. It holds that an elevated sense of physical purity and cleanliness significantly affects a person’s intellectual and spiritual purity and cleanliness. It is precisely for this reason that Islam wants its followers to eat only that, which is suitable for eating, drink only that, which pollutes neither the body nor the mind, sit at a clean place, keep the clothes clean and maintain a clean environment. It is precisely with the purpose of developing and elevating this sense of physical purity and cleanliness that the prophets of God have taught man to circumcise their male offspring; to remove hair from their pubic area and from under their armpits and to clip our nails; and it is with exactly the same spirit that Islam wants us to wash our organs after urination and defecation and to employ extreme care in saving our bodies from being soiled with even a drop of urine or even a particle of faeces.

My dear brother, you can easily appreciate that a religion which requires its followers to strive hard to save their bodies and their clothes from being soiled with even a drop of urine and even a particle of faeces, can never approve to formally apply urine on our body, let alone to allow urine drops to roll down the throat.

Islam does not allow such practices as it holds them against the natural cleanliness of man. I do appreciate that after having lived for years in a setup in which, as you say, ‘it is customary for husband/wife to use the other spouse’s urine for some applications’, one may not feel the intensity of uncleanness involved in the act. Yet I would request you, in the name of God, to consider my points with an open heart and mind and to give some weight to the fact that, according to the Qur’an, God loves those who keep themselves clean. I am sure that it would not be long that Islam will, insha’Allah, develop in you the desired sense of cleanness, which would itself save you from indulging into acts which are clearly against the natural instincts and inclinations of man.

My fondest regards and salaam to you and all those around you.


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