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Why do you need to be a muslim?

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I am a Buddhist, and I believe that every religion teaches you good things. Then why someone needs to be a Muslim only?Why is there so much of stress on promoting Islam?


It appears, that you are taking a very narrow view of each religion. When you say that “every religion teaches you good things”, you are, apparently, taking into consideration the moral and ethical teachings of the various religions only. This, however, is not very accurate. Religion is not merely a set of moral and ethical teachings only. In fact, the primary concern of religion is to define man’s relationship with his Creator. The important questions, which each religion answers(1) in one way or another are:


  • Why are we (humans) here and where did we come from?
  • If we have a Creator, how can we develop a sound relationship with Him?
  • What is our creator like?What are His attributes?
  • Why do we die and what happens after death?
  • What is good and what is bad?
  • Will the good ever get any reward for their deeds and will the bad ever be punished?
  • If we have a Creator, what arrangements did He make to guide us to His liking?

These are some of the major questions answered by each religion. A religion, thus, is not merely a set of moral and ethical teachings. It is, in fact, a set of beliefs and directives regarding the spiritual and the ethical and moral aspects of human life. The primary difference between one religion and another is not in the ethical and moral teachings of the two religions, but is generally in the set of beliefs that these religions promote.

Islam has answered not just these but all other essential questions related to humanity quite satisfactorily(please, go through our website). The reason Islam is in a position to do that is because we have Quran, the final book of God in its pristine form. The God, who is creator of everything that exists. However, we fully appreciate that in order to become a muslim you need to be convinced about the veracity of the message of Islam which may or may not happen due to many reasons, however,If one is convinced beyond doubt that Islam is a true religion and then he/she refuses to accept Islam without a genuine excuse then it is a crime for which that person would be accountable before the creator on the day of judgement.

You ask:why is there so much of stress on promoting Islam?

The reason we promote Islam is because we are convinced that Islam is the final religion of God to humanity.Since,Muhammad(pbuh)was the final messenger of God and no other messenger is to come now our creator has entrusted every muslim with this duty of disseminating the message of God to the entire humanity.There are various levels of this duty which are explained in our website but no muslim can shy away from this obligation.


UIUK team

(1) Or should, at least, attempt to answer.

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