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Magic spell on the prophet(pbuh)

Question AssalamoAlaikum, When Quran says that Allah protects the prophets was He(Allah)not protecting the prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in the battle of Uhud or during his journey to Taif?Many Ahadith confirm that prophet(pbuh)suffered lots of injuries during these two events.Was Allah not protecting the prophet(pbuh) when Jews had cast a magic spell on him which made him … Read more »

Is Mohammad(pbuh)the last Messenger?

Question I have written and spoken to Muslims in the past, and because I don’t believe everything blindly, I have been accused of being arrogant.I’m just mentioning it to let you know I’m really interested in learning about Islam (from the heart).I understand that Islam teaches that Muhammad is the LAST MESSENGER. I know that … Read more »

Was prophet(pbuh)like others in his physical properties?

Question Was Hadhrat Mohammad (pbuh) Noori (made of light) or Khaki (made of earth, like other human beings)? Reply According to the Qur’an, the Prophet (pbuh) in his physical properties was no different from the rest of mankind. The Qur’an says: Say to them (O Prophet): I am only a man like you, it has … Read more »

Is the prophet(pbuh)alive spiritually or in any other sense?

Question I have two questions, one a specific and the other though related but a general one. I had the opportunity once to make a visit to Mosque Nabvi in Madinah and was advised by friends to say loudly “Assalam-o-alaikum ya Rasool -Allah” while passing by Prophet’s (pbuh) Roza on the suggested belief that every … Read more »

Prophet’s religion before the initiation of revelation?

Question I was reading about the life of Prophet Muhammad (p), and it occurred to me, what was the religion of the Prophet (p) before he received the first revelation? What do we say he was? Also, did he become a “Muslim” upon receiving the first revelation, i.e. did he actually read the Shahaadah? Is … Read more »

The Quran on finality of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

Quran I recently came across a website that was propagating the movement of Mr. Ghulam Ahmed – the Ahmadis.  There was a particular argument of their’s, which I had hoped to get some more counter arguments for.  This was the particular statements concerning the finality of the prophet.  What is the evidence from the Quran … Read more »

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