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Taking the citizenship oath in a country of faith other than Islam

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I am a Pakistani, living in Canada as immigrant, I want to know that, is it allowed to take immigration of a non-Muslim country. At the time of citizenship every one has to take an oath to pledge his/her loyalty to the Queen and Canada, this is done of course on holy book (Qur’an for Muslims). Also every one has to confirm that he/she accepts the constitution and will obey the rules and regulations. The law of Canada allows the same sex marriages, free sex etc. What is the status of a Muslim immigrant and taking the oath for citizenship?



It is quite understandable that when a person is naturalized as a citizen of another state, in which he was not born, then he should be asked to make a declaration that he would remain loyal to that state and would respect its laws. Being a Muslim does not provide an exception to this general rule. In our opinion there is nothing wrong with such oaths for Muslims, unless the constitution of the state does not provide for religious freedom of its citizens and forces them into actions, which are clearly against any of the directives of his religion. If such is not the case, then remaining loyal to the state is a natural right of every state on its citizens.

Even such provisions as recognition of homosexual marriages etc. do not force Muslims into living a life of disobedience to God. Even though such provisions are clearly against the teachings of Abrahamic religions, yet they do not force those, who want to adhere to the teachings of their religion into living a life of disobedience.

In view of the foregoing explanation, we do not consider the referred naturalization oaths to be against the teachings of Islam. Infact,we believe that muslims should become an integral part of that society.They should get involved in humanitarian work and serve that country as best as they can.They should also be encouraged to do dawah work with wisdom while staying within the boundaries of the law of the land.After all it is duty of every muslim to disseminate final message of God to humanity. However, it should remain clear that if at any time a Muslim is directed by the state to do something, which is clearly against the teachings of Islam, then, he should openly resist such directive and be willing to face all the consequences of such resistance.

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