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Embryology in the Quran:Undeniable proof of the Quran’s divinity

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Some scholars belonging to faiths other than Islam say that the description of a developing embryo in the Quran is scientifically incorrect. I would like to know your opinion on this issue, and also if you can provide me some links with scientific data on this topic (stuff like web links to websites that explain this issue). I personally believe that the Quran is 100% correct, but I would like to know how to respond to a certain allegation that is made by ignorant people.

I greatly appreciate your help in advance.

Fi Amanillah


Dear brother, before we attempt to answer your question we would like to briefly touch on the comment made by you regarding the “allegation made by ignorant people”. In our very honest opinion, the world is ignorant about the Quran and its teachings because Muslims themselves are unaware of its message. If we, the Muslims, had given priority in our lives to understanding the Quran, the rest of the world would have a different view of the Quran and Islam.

Coming to your question; the related part of the verse which you are referring to translates as:

“Then We made the drop [of semen] a sticky material; and made this sticky material a [shapeless] lump [of flesh]; and made bones in this lump and clothed these bones with flesh; then we developed him into another creation. So, blessed is Allah, the best of creators” (23:14)

If the development of bones in the foetus does not even initiate by the time that all the layers of the skin are fully developed, only then do the scholars who are objecting to it have a point. However, it is an established fact that this is not the case. Kindly refer to Professor Keith Moore’s book ‘The Developing Humans’, which has accepted that the description of a developing foetus in the Quran could not have been possible without God informing Muhammad (PBUH) through Divine revelation, as microscopes were invented more than 1000 years after the revelation of the Quran.

In view of the above, all those who object to these verses must give scientific evidence with references in support of their point.


UIUK team

-You can also watch Professor Keith Moore’s interviews on YouTube with regards to the same issue.

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