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The connotation in the term ‘Sunnah’is used in Hadith

Question I was looking in the Hadith literature to find in what connotation did the Prophet (pbuh) and companions used the term Sunnah. I found that the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) and Muhadittin scholars have used Sunnah to include all the minor actions, details of the Prophet (pbuh).This means that term Sunnah as found … Read more »

Can the Sunnah override the Quran?

Question In one of your earlier response, you wrote that Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) cannot override the ruling of the Quran. The Quran asks the believers to rush to mosque when the call for prayer is announced on Friday. But the Muslim woman are allowed to pray in their house by the ‘Sunnah’. Is … Read more »

Determination of Sunnah in the present time.

Question: I read almost all of your articles about the position of hadith in Islam. I agree that the hadith is secondary and not a primary source of Islam. The problem I had in understanding your articles was that you kept saying that we follow the Qu’ran and Sunnah, which are primary, and the hadith … Read more »

Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays,is it Sunnah?

Question: Is it Sunnah to fast on Mondays and Thursdays? Magdi Salhab Answer: As we have clarified in our responses relating to the nature and scope of Sunnah, the term Sunnah refers to those actions of the Prophet (pbuh), which the Prophet (pbuh) initiated, performed and promoted among ALL his followers, as a part of … Read more »

Source of method of prayers,Sunnah or Hadith.

Question: Is method of saying salah (prayers) and number of raka’hs for each salah mentioned in Imam Malik’s Maw’tah which is considered to be the first book of Hadith? When was the method and number of raka’h for salah first written down in any book? Was it Bukhari, Muslim or any other book? I am … Read more »

Why so much emphasis on definition of sunnah?

Question: After reading viewpoints on the difference between the Sunnah and the Hadith, I have come to the agreement that yes, as per the DEFINITION is concerned, these two are different. The first and the foremost difference is that, Sunnah is one of the original source of Islam, whereas, Hadith is a secondary source, derived … Read more »

What is sunnah?

Question: How do you define sunnah and why is your definition different from the traditional definition? Answer: In our opinion the term “Sunnah” refers to those actions of the Prophet (pbuh), which the Prophet (pbuh) initiated, performed and promoted among ALL his followers, as a part of God’s religion. -A close look at the above … Read more »

Sunnah and Hadith—two different concepts.

Salam, I have a great confusion in my mind concerning both Hadith and Sunnah. In the words of the article “what is Sunnah?” The Sunnah is a set of practices that the Prophet taught the Muslims to follow. For twenty-three years, five times a day, he showed them how to purify themselves for payer (ablution, … Read more »

Method of ascertaining Sunnah

Question   Assalamualaykum akhi kareem,   I have been doing quite a bit of research with regards to the difference between Sunnah and hadith according to your understanding. I am very convinced by it due to the fact that you’ve proven both Quran and Sunnah to be Mutawatir with all the fundamentals and essential parts … Read more »

Clarifications regarding Sunnah

Question: Thank you very much for responding to my question. I think that the explanation of “Sunnah” you give is the most coherent one I have read. It seems to make more sense than the explanation that everything the Prophet (P) did (and usually that which is in the ahadeeth compilations) is Sunnah. My question came about due to a … Read more »

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