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Eligibility of Share in Inheritance for Non-Muslims…

Question Kindly advise me if the ELIGIBLE recipients of inheritance are COMPLETELY turned off from Islam or they elected to choose religion other than Islam EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE BORN MUSLIMS AS DESCSENDANTS OF THE DECEASED, can they be EXCLUDED partially or totally ACCORDING TO SHARI’AH from getting their distribution from the inheritance money left by the … Read more »

Inheritance of a Muslim Girl, Who Has Married a Non-Muslim

Question Jazakallah Khair for your many wonderful answers. I have a question regarding inheritance laws in the Shariah as relating to adulterors. If a daughter of a Muslim couple decides to marry a non-Muslim (kaafir) person. Is she still entitled to receive her share of inheritance from her father’s and her mother’s property? Is it … Read more »

Inheriting from non muslim parents

Question My husband and I are both converts to Islam. Our parents are not Muslims. Please can you clarify the rules of inheriting from our parents? Answer Whether or not one gets any part of the inheritance of one’s non-Muslim parents and if one does then exactly how much would the share be, is completely … Read more »

Question on Inheritance

Question My dear husband died in a tragic auto accident. I sustained severe injuries and was hospitalized for a month. I live with my parents now and am recovering from injuries. As we belong to suni Muslim faith, we followed the division of his belongings consistent with the Quran, surah nisa as an Imam from … Read more »

Zakah calculation

Question Can you please help me calculate Zakat?I want to pay the appropriate amount. I am not trying to be cheap, but I have read wildly varying methods of calculation that could impact my payment by several thousand US dollars each year. I suppose I am asking for a full overview of zakat calculation, but … Read more »

The Concept of Zaka’h

Question Is Zaka’h a form of income tax or are the two different? Is a person, who owes a loan exempted from paying Zaka’h or not? Also, is the mortgage on a house or any other loan considered as debt, even though such a debtor is doing reasonably well financially? Wassalaam Answer Zaka’h (at varying … Read more »

Riba and Retirement Savings

Question Dear Sir, My question is regarding the article on Riba by Mr. Moiz Amjad. I am an employee of a certain organization. Part of conditions is Provident Fund. In this case, certain percentage of salary is deducted and placed in Provident Fund alongwith equal contribution from the employer. A board of trustee manage the … Read more »

Buying a house on Mortgage for commercial purposes

Question I live in UK in a house for which I pay mortgage. From the Islamic point of view would I be justified in buying another house on mortgage purely for business purposes? Answer Taking a loan on interest and subsequently paying the contracted interest does not fall under the category of cooperating in the … Read more »

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