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Reason for prohibiting gambling/lottery

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Can you please explain the “Hikma” of the Qur’an for prohibiting Gambling/Lottery and other forms of similar practices and the way it applies to present societies of the world.


The Shari`ah has prohibited all kinds of financial transactions in which anyone or more of the parties involved in the transaction gains any amount of money, which it does not morally deserve to gain. Gambling is also included in such transactions.

If we take a look at gambling, we shall see that it is a kind of arrangement in which one of the parties to the arrangement gains a sum of money and deprives others of their money, without morally deserving it or rightfully earning it. Gains and losses in gambling and wager are generally based on the happening of an irrelevant external event, which have absolutely no affect on the ownership of the wealth of the parties involved in the arrangement. It is because of this obvious nature of gambling and wager arrangements that the Shari`ah has strictly prohibited this arrangement.

Seen in the light of the foregoing explanation, it should be clear that the prohibition of gambling in the Shari`ah is based on the broad moral principle given in the following words:

Believers, do not unjustly devour each others’ wealth. (Al-Nisaa 4: 29)

I hope this helps.


October 5, 2002

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