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Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi’s Opinion on Halaal Meat(first question)

The First Question With regard to your question on eating meat from the societies of the people of the Book, your response seems to contradict the opinion of the Shaikh at “islamicity.com” whom I hold in good respect. His opinion can be accessed at: http://www.islamicity.org/dialogue/Q226.HTM I would like to know what your reasoning would be … Read more »

Regarding Halal food

I am a businessman and travel around the world very frequently. My question is regarding halal food. I was informed that I can actually consume meat or any halal food within Islamic definition in any Christian/Jewish countries, in layman terms I can have Big Mac in Los Angeles, US.   Please clarify. Reply From amongst … Read more »

Dogs as Pets

Question I can understand why pig/pork is haraam in Islam, but could you please enlighten me on why are dogs being classified as haraam. Could muslims keep dogs as pets or touch them like we do with cats? Please elaborate to me the reasons as I am quite confused regarding this matter. Thank you. Answer … Read more »

Is Sheesha/Hookah haram?

Question I was wondering if sheesha/hookah smoking is haram in Islam or not? because recent studies shows us that sheesha contains products which are as harmfull as cigarretes.I have seen the majority scholars saying tat it is haram based on a verse of the Quran which says not to kill or harm ourselves.However we have … Read more »

Alcohol usage in perfumes

Question I don’t want to confuse matters further.. but I found other sites which suggest/say that only perfumes made from non-alcoholic contents, which have been extracted from wheat etc.. & not grapes is permissible to use.. Answer The referred difference of opinion is based on the interpretation of the prohibition of the Shari`ah relating to alcohol. We … Read more »

Alcohol Used in Cooking

Question I was wondering if eating food that was cooked with wine is forbidden. The reason I would think the answer is not so straightforward is that just about all of the alcohol added to the food, which is a tiny amount, dissolves. There is no way it could induce intoxication. But would it be … Read more »

Trying Out Alcoholic Drinks

Question if a person drinks once only like one sip knowing it is bad but only drinks to see what bad is in it.and then decides to never try it again, how big of a sin is it? And what is the way of asking for forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty. Answer Curiosity and experimentation are … Read more »

Is Alcohol Najas (i.e. Filthy) or Not?

Question The use of perfumes containing Alcohol is allowed or not. There are 2 views. alcohol is prohibited for drinking purpose only. So using perfumes containing alcohol is not prohibited, allowed to use. alcohol is najas. So perfumes containing najas is not allowed. Wassalam Answer Our understanding is that the first view is correct. This … Read more »

Is Drinking Alcohol Clearly Prohibited in Islam?

Question Is drinking alcohol officially prohibited in Islam? By that I mean that is there any verse in Qur’an which says that drinking alcohol is forbidden and if somebody drinks it then he’ll be punished on the Day of Judgment? Answer The Qur’an has given a clear and express directive against drinking liquor and intoxicants. … Read more »

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