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Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi’s opinion on Halaal meat(second question)

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The Second Question

I appreciate your response to the question of Zabiha meat.  One of things mentioned in regards to the meat in Christian countries might be a bit off. In terms of draining the blood: according to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States, blood has to be drained from the animal before it is put in the stores otherwise you are legally liable. I believe according to the research that some Muslims have done this draining of blood is significant enough to be considered lawful for Muslims.  Furthermore, in terms of the actual slaughtering; for chickens in particular they are dropped in water and stunned.  They are still alive at this point and then they are killed.  Hence, they are not dead animals.  This is an ongoing debate here in the United States. Generally, it seems as though Arabs will eat the meat here, while Indians and Pakistanis will not. I appreciate your acknowledging the differences of opinions are all right in our Ummah…I wish that I could convince our brothers and sisters here of the same. We have had instances where brothers have started yelling at each in threatening ways. These are adults. It is indeed a sad state that we are in.


The important thing is not the method in which the animal is slaughtered but whether blood is adequately drained from the animal or not. I was not aware of the information regarding the FDA that you have provided. I am grateful for the information so provided. If the information provided is accurate and is being implemented in letter and spirit, my point regarding the inappropriate method of slaughter may be considered redundant. However, this would have no effect on the other observations that I have mentioned in my referred response.

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