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Some people use the verse below as proof that every thing in the sea is Halaal. But I think that according to the context it is actually dealing with the fact that the people going for Hajj are allowed to eat what they catch from the sea on their way. It is not dealing with what from the sea is Halaal and what not. Can you please comment?

“Lawful to you is the pursuit of water-game and its use for food,- for the benefit of yourselves and those who travel; but forbidden is the pursuit of land-game;- as long as ye are in the sacred precincts or in pilgrim garb. And fear Allah, to Whom ye shall be gathered back.” (Al-Maaidah 5:96)

Mohammad Azam


We agree that your understanding/interpretation that the verse is not defining the scope of the sea-animals permitted for eating is correct, just as it is not defining the scope of the permitted land-animals. The verse, on the contrary, is only stating that while in a state of Hajj, a person may not hunt down land-based Halaal animals, while he may hunt sea-based Halaal animals. The verse, as you have stated, “is not dealing with what from the sea is Halaal and what not”.



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