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Can we even determine who the polytheists are?

Question Even if it is accepted that polytheists alone are not to be allowed to come in the vicinity of the Ka’bah, the argument remains unanswered. Because at the end of the day, it would still be us humans who would be judging others as ‘Mushrikun’(polytheists).For example,some of us would suggest that hindus are polytheists as they … Read more »

What will happen to people belonging to to other faiths?

Question There has been recent discussions among my friends whether Christians,Jews and people belonging to other faiths will be going to heaven or hell.What is your opinion? Answer The Qur’an has very strongly negated the idea that the Jannah or the bliss in the life hereafter – the Paradise – is the right of any … Read more »

Is The Author of The Bible and The Quran the same?

Question A Non-Muslim asked me these questions which I would like you to answer them: 1-How can the Bible and the Koran be from the same author when they clearly contradict each other? Why would God say forgive your enemies in one book and in the other say kill all Christians and Jews in the … Read more »

Non Muslims and Kafirs

Question Please clarify the difference between Non-Muslims & Kafirs. Which peoples are Non Muslims & Kafirs. Please tell me in detail in the light of Quran & Sunnah. Thank you very much Answer From the perspective of the life of this world ‘non-Muslim’ is primarily a legal term implying a person, who does not ascribe … Read more »

Friendship with people of other faiths

Question It seems that Qur’an is requiring Muslims not to make Jews and Christians friends (auliya) (5:51), but it is also requiring them to show good attitude (birr) towards them in another passage (60:8). What is your view on this matter? Answer I will let you know about the more popular traditional view on the … Read more »

Are Christians polytheits or Kafirs?

Question Should Christians be considered as Mushrik because they worship the person of Jesus Christ, and there is no forgiveness for that as Allah has told us [in the Qur’an ]. Or Kaafir because Allah tells us that everyone who attributes a son to God is a Kaafir. Answer Before we answer your specific question, … Read more »

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