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Further of death penalty

Question You wrote that death punishment can be given only in the case of crimes, such as causing corruption in the land and murder. But the verse 5:32 says that it was the law that was imposed on Children of Israel. How can we say that this is the law, still imposed on the Muslims. … Read more »

Does death penalty violate human dignity?

Question People who radically reject the death penalty claim that it violates the dignity of a human being. In my opinion these people obviously lack the appreciation of certain principles and values that Islam teaches us, thus they fail to understand the islamic perspective. I would be thankful if you could elaborate in detail on … Read more »

Law of blood money(Diyah)

Question Islam allows a murderer to avoid his death punishment by paying blood money to the murdered person’s relatives. What is the reason behind this provision? Often slain’s relatives are easily bribed with huge amount of money and the murderer goes scot free. Is this not great injustice? How does Islam check this loop hole? … Read more »

Regarding death penalty

Question What does Islam say about the death penalty? Answer According to the Islamic injunctions, death penalty can be administered in two cases only. Firstly, if a person is physically harmed or injured by another, Islam directs the state to provide justice to the individual (or his relatives) by letting him/them harm or injure the … Read more »

Is there a Need to Modernize the Shari`ah?

Question Should we modernize the Shari`ah? Shouldn’t we as Muslims strive to use the latest technology in an ideal Shari`ah e.g. If we accused a women of adultery, shouldn’t we use science to answer the accusation. Wouldn’t it be totally wrong in Islam to ignore these means and carry out the Islamic punishment on little … Read more »

Punishment and social justice

Question Are the punishments in an Islamic society dependent on having a just society? In other words, if a person is stealing because they have nothing to eat, is the punishment the same? Or say the case with prostitutes who are in this immoral line of work simply because they need to make money to … Read more »

Overview of Islamic punishments

Question I have a question regarding the strict punishment in Islam especially when it comes to adultery, robbery etc. What is the reason behind such strict punishments? Answer Before commenting on the nature of punishments prescribed by the Shari`ah, it seems necessary to understand that the punishments prescribed by the Shari`ah are, in fact, the … Read more »

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