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Are we to give all those who ask?

Question Both the Qur’an and the Bible state that we should give freely to all those who ask (Qur’an 2: 177; Matthew 5: 42). Thus, whenever I have been asked by someone (usually beggars or other needy people), I have given something of my wealth. But my parents have objected to this, arguing that I … Read more »

Will God give me a second chance

Question I have committed one of the worst sins and I really regret it. Not too long ago, I went through an abortion of the fetus, which was 2 months old. At that time I was out of wedlock and I had no other choice but to go through the process. During that time too, … Read more »

Further exchange on abortion

Question You say: I would not like to promote Abortion as a means of Family Planning or as a scheme of population control. and: I would recommend that abortion of the fetus should be avoided except under extra-ordinary circumstances which morally justify taking such a severe action. I am not at all considering abortion as … Read more »

Querry regarding abortion

Question You say: “Thus, if there are any moral, ethical, social or medical justifications for aborting the process of the formation of a human being, it should be carried out before this time” In Pakistan, rapid population growth rate and exploding population is the key factor in nullifying all the development efforts undertaken. Pakistan Population … Read more »


Question My question pertains to the issue of abortion. I have heard mixed things about it. Apparently the major schools of thought consider abortion illegal under all circumstances. I have also heard that in the Qur’an, abortion is allowed two weeks after conception, because that is when God blows breath into humans. What about particular … Read more »

Objection on your answer

Question Thanks for your reply. I have an objection on your answer regarding the question on divorce. You said that the male spouse has chance whether he carries out his decision of divorce or take it back during a temporary phase. But this thing or opportunity is available only if one divorce or two divorces … Read more »

Rules regarding Iddah period

Question Salaam Can you please explain rules regarding iddah for a working woman due to Talaaq Also she and 2 other sisters are doing voluntory work twice a month at a muslim home for aged where they mostly work with the aged females Will she be allowed to do this or does that fall under … Read more »

Regarding waiting period after divorce

Question Does the Qur’an clearly specify that after pronunciation of one talaaq a lady has to wait for some period? Please if you can tell me with reference to Hadith. Answer The directives of the Qur’an related to divorce start with the prescription of the waiting period (called `iddah). Al-Baqarah 2: 228 reads as: And … Read more »

Inheritance of a divorced woman.

Question If a woman is divorced by her husband and her husband dies during or after her iddah, will she inherit his property?. How much she will inherit? Please explain. Wassalam Answer According to the Islamic Shari’ah divorce is not considered final until the Iddah period elapses. The husband can take back his decision any … Read more »

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