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About transgenders

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What is Islamic point of view about transgenders?How should we look at such people in an Islamic society as generally people have a very negative point of view about them.Should they be ostracized?Please,give references from Quran and Hadith.



There is nothing in Quran and Hadith about transgender people so any opinion formed would be based on general teachings of Quran and prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

Firstly, we must appreciate that being a transgender is a reality.Those undergoing such feelings are not making it up.They are born with such feelings on which they have no control.They must never be bullied or harassed or considered outcast.The parents have a very important role to play and must listen to their feelings and desires sympathetically.It is a duty of parents to provide good Islamic education to them so that they appreciate the fact that this life is a test and they have to remain within the boundaries of shariah.The realisation of the fact that one day we have to be accountable for our deeds before our creator can instil fear of God in any human being and the transgenders are not any different.Other siblings must realise that their brother or sister is born with such feelings and instead of having a negative attitude towards them they should extend all possible help and support to them.If there is a strong family support for the transgenders then they may live a very healthy life and stay as part of family unit otherwise they can have serious psychiatric issues and may eventually leave home and get involved with groups who may influence them negatively and eventually deter them from Islamic teachings.

To summarise, transgenders must be treated with wisdom, love and compassion.


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