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The message of Islam

I live in America.I do not follow any religion.I have met many muslims in my life and have asked them about Islam but, in all honesty, i have always been given different answers.Can i ask you to give me the message of Islam in a nutshell? ? Many thanks Reply In its simplest form, the … Read more »

Tell me more about Islam

Question Sorry for my ignorance, but can you share with me more about Islam? Is it a religion or a belief? What is its history? Any websites I can visit? If I am not wrong, there are 2 distinct sects of Islam is it? Are there the Sunni and the Shiite? Please correct me if … Read more »

Islam for every nation?

Question If Islam is for all nations, why two of its most important elements ie{(Quran and  Salah(prayers)} are this much dependant on the language of one particular nation ie Arabic? Appreciate your advice! Reply It is true that the beauty and eloquence of the Qur’an can only be appreciated by a person who is well … Read more »

Is Islam a backward religion?

Question Some people think that Islam is a backward religion and, therefore, it cannot fulfill the demands of the progressive modern-day world. The question is that if it is a divine religion how can it be backward? Regards Reply “Backwardness” is a vague and subjective term. People should be specific about what they consider to … Read more »

Will only muslims go to paradise?

Question We believe that those people who believe in the oneness of God and in the last prophet will eventually be forgiven by God. But most of us are Muslims only because we were born in Muslim families i.e. by chance not by choice. I am quite sure that had we been born in India … Read more »

Why do fundamental Islamists kill?

Question Why do fundamental Islamists kill? How does the teaching of being at peace reconcile with the actions of Islamists? Answer There are two misconceptions in your question that require clarification: 1. your use of the word Islamist is misplaced, 2. that you identify groups of criminals with Islam. In the first instance, an Islamist … Read more »

Is Islam religion of peace?

Question I have heard many say that Islam is a religion of peace, and the Jews are all the evil ones….but evidences point to a different scenario.I have never seen Jews strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up buildings around the world killing innocent people. I would just like to hear the justification of calling … Read more »

Is Islam a male dominant religion?

Question I have recently become very curious with the Muslim faith after gaining a very special friendship with a Muslim man.  But as a woman, I have been skeptical of the religion. From what I know, which is little, it seems to be very male-dominant.  I am trying to learn in an unbiased way, but … Read more »

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