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Non muslims visiting Mecca

Question This question was asked on a very popular TV show in America and none of the participants seemed to have an answer.  Why non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca and enter the boundaries of The Kaba not just at the time of Hajj but also in general. When was this law made and where … Read more »

What is the Gist of teaching of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

Question We are often told by christian missionaries that the teachings of Jesus(pbuh) is to love people.They accuse us that the teachings of your prophet are not so kind.What would you say about this? Regards Reply Abraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammad (pbut) were all prophets of God and their teachings were the same in their nature. There … Read more »

The message of Islam

What is the message of Islam ? Barry Mehn United States of America Reply In its simplest form, the message of Islam is to remind people of the approaching Day of Judgment and to inform them about the method of eternal success and salvation on that Day. According to Islam, all those people, who effectively … Read more »

Islam being for every nation

Question Islam is the religion that is not limited to any nation. We Muslims believe that Islam can belong to a Chinese and an Indian to the same extent that it belongs to Arabs. However it’s amazing how this religion is dependent to a certain language (i.e. Arabic). Firstly Qur’an is the main source of … Read more »

Is Islam a backward religion?

Question Some people think that Islam is a backward religion and, therefore, it cannot fulfill the demands of the progressive modern-day world. The question is that if it is a divine religion how can it be backward? Regards Reply “Backwardness” is a vague and subjective term. People should be specific about what they consider to … Read more »

Proving Islam to be the only True divine religion

Question I have no doubt in my heart that Islam is the only true divine religion.How can i prove to someone who is born 1400 years after the advent of Islam that it is so. Reply From the perspective of a Muslim,we do not need to prove that Islam is the only true Divine religion … Read more »

Was Islam initially spread by force?

Question Non Muslims claim that in the beginning Islam was spread by force. Whereas Muslims claim that in Islam no one can be forced to accept any religion in a true Islamic society. What can be said to substantiate this claim of Muslims? Reply The statement ‘in the beginning Islam was spread by force’ is … Read more »

Will only muslims go to paradise?

Question We believe that those people who believe in the oneness of God and in the last prophet will eventually be forgiven by God. But most of us are Muslims only because we were born in Muslim families i.e. by chance not by choice. I am quite sure that had we been born in India … Read more »

Why do fundamental Islamists kill?

Question Why do fundamental Islamists kill? How does the teaching of being at peace reconcile with the actions of Islamists? Answer There are two misconceptions in your question that require clarification: 1. your use of the word Islamist is misplaced, 2. that you identify groups of criminals with Islam. In the first instance, an Islamist … Read more »

Is Islam religion of peace?

Question I have heard many say that Islam is a religion of peace, and the Jews are all the evil ones….but evidences point to a different scenario.I have never seen Jews strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up buildings around the world killing innocent people. I would just like to hear the justification of calling … Read more »

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