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The message of Islam

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I live in America.I do not follow any religion.I have met many muslims in my life and have asked them about Islam but, in all honesty, i have always been given different answers.Can i ask you to give me the message of Islam in a nutshell? ?

Many thanks


In its simplest form, the message of Islam is to remind people of the approaching Day of Judgment and to inform them about the method of eternal success and salvation on that Day. According to Islam, all those people, who effectively utilize their time and intellect during the life of this world trying their utmost in cleansing and purifying themselves from all moral, intellectual and physical ills shall qualify for the life of eternal bliss and salvation.Although there are many details but among the top three moral aspects are justice, submission to truth and value of human life and humanity.

On the other hand, those who remain unmindful of their ultimate return to God, ignore clear signs from the creator and show arrogance when they are confronted with truth shall be punished fittingly on the day of judgement.

All of the teachings of Islam are directed towards guiding man – whether at the individual level or at the collective level – towards this path of physical, mental and moral cleansing.

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