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Is Islam a backward religion?

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Some people think that Islam is a backward religion and, therefore, it cannot fulfill the demands of the progressive modern-day world. The question is that if it is a divine religion how can it be backward?



“Backwardness” is a vague and subjective term. People should be specific about what they consider to be backward in Islam.

Islam encourages its addressees to ponder over not only their own creation but also everything created around them.It makes incumbent upon its followers to uphold justice at all costs even if this justice goes against their own selves,their parents,their relatives.Islam Makes it binding upon its followers to always exercise justice and fairplay even while dealing with an enemy Nation.It gives equal and at times priveleged rights to people belonging to other faiths.Islam inspires its followers to cooperate even with their worst enemies in matters of goodness and chastity.Islam respects women and had given them rights and independence 1400 yrs ago which some Nations only implemented not so long ago.Islam introduced animal rights and there are series of directives of prophet Muhammad(pbuh)regarding animal care.

Yes,Islam does not condone nudity in the society; it abhors unchaste behaviour;It prescribes upon men and women to have shame and modesty in their dress as well as in their eyes.It has a very strong family value system.It prescribes upon the judicial system of the collectivity to have no-mercy for the criminals in the society while directing the system to provide a supporting shoulder to the deprived.It condemns the use of intoxicants as they have the potential of depriving man of his most valued quality – his awareness and conscious; It disallows people to devour other’s wealth and this is why It prohibits gambling because it is a kind of arrangement in which one of the parties to the arrangement gains a sum of money and deprives others of their money, without morally deserving it or rightfully earning it.

Islam’s entire set up is about upholding and promoting justice at all levels.If the present so called modern world thinks that all the above description about Islam is backwardness then we,as muslims,are extremely proud to be backward.

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