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Non-Muslims propagating Their Religion in an Islamic state

Question Are non-Muslims allowed to propagate their beliefs (whether they be of a religious affiliation or not) in a state governed by the Shari`ah? If not, please can you explain why? Reply Freedom of thought, expression and ascription to an idea or belief are all a part of the basic human rights. The Qur’an has … Read more »

The responsibility of propagating message of Islam

Question Da`wah (inviting people to Islam) and Tabligh (conveying the Message) is a collective responsibility of the whole Ummah and an act of great reward as it has been declared a distinguishing characteristic of this Ummah by the Qur’an. [See Albaqarah 2:104, 110. Yusuf 12: 108. Hamim Al Sajjdah 41: 33]. My Question is also … Read more »

Propagation of Islam to Interested people

Question How should a Muslim talk to a non-Muslim who is interested in Islam?  Reply The following are some of the major points that must be kept in mind while propagating Islam to people of other religions:   It is very unfortunate that propagation of Islam has become more of a debate between proponents of … Read more »

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