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Clarification of Al-Ahzab 33:72 – The Meaning of Al-Amana

Question I was recently reading Surah 33: 72 in the Qur’an and was a bit confused. Is the Surah stating that humans chose “al-amanah” (which I am translating as reason….) but that it was a mistake? Is the Surah implying that one should not use one’s reason? Could you clarify? Answer First of all, We would like you to consider a … Read more »

Regarding Ijtehad,Qiyas and Ijma

Question What is Ijtihad, Qayas, and Ijma. What is the difference between them. When are they applied? Why Qayas is not accepted by legal experts? Answer For an explanation of Ijtihad, please refer to one of my earlier responses. Qiyas (lit: drawing an analogy) is, in fact, a kind of Ijtehad. Qiyas implies trying to draw a directive for a situation, which is not expressly … Read more »

Regarding Fatwas

Question I do not have any faith in fatwas because to me it is an opinion of one person and Islam does not supports the will of one person, Hazrat Zaid when was made governor and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) asked him how he will make his decisions then he replied that by Qur’an if not … Read more »

On Theological Rhetoric

Question My question is regarding the status of Kalaam, or theological rhetoric, i.e. rational arguments for the ‘proof’ of the existence of God. Some scholars are of the opinion that it is ‘heretical’, while the Classical interpretation has accepted it. What is your opinion?   Reply The Muslim scholastics grew under the influence of the … Read more »

Definition of Fasiq

Question I like to know the definition of “Fasiq”. Who can be considered as Fasiq? I have heard that if someone commits a sin he becomes a Fasiq. What does this mean? Jazzakallah khairun Reply “Faasiq” is the subject or the nominative form from the root “Fa-Seen-Qaaf” (فسق). The basic verb derived from the referred … Read more »

Regarding promises

Question What is the definition of promise in Islam? Consider two examples: My wife asked me when I am going to finish my Ph.D. I told her Insha Allah by end of 2001. When I have not finished by then, she says I have broken my promise. I told her that she cannot consider it … Read more »

Intercession on the day of judgement

Question Kindly explain to me the concept of intercession from Quran and authentic Ahadith as i keep hearing diversified views on the subject which give me an impression that no matter how sinful,immoral,wicked or even serial killer a muslim is, since he has recited the kalima, prophet Muhammad(pbuh) will intercede for him on the day … Read more »

The fate of children on the day of judgement

Question What shall happen to children on the Judgment Day? Reply The reward or the punishment that a man shall face on the Day of Judgment will be the result of the intentional and consciously done good or bad deeds. Children who die before reaching the age of mental maturity shall obviously not deserve to … Read more »

Can we benefit the dead with any good deeds?

Question Can the living reward the dead by doing hajj for them and reading the Qur’an? In the case of the latter is there any significance in doing Qur’anic recital 3 days and 40 days after someone’s passing? This appears to be a common practice by some segments of the Pakistani society. Is there any … Read more »

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