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A question regarding embryology in the Quran

Question About 2 weeks ago I emailed you regarding the allegation that Christian missionaries make about the references to embryology in the Qur’an. You responded back by asking me what exactly was the allegation made by the Christians. Well the allegation they make is regarding Surah 23 verse 14. They say that when the Qur’an talks about … Read more »

Celebrating birthdays

Question I would like to know if celebrating birthdays (your own or your child?s birthday) is bid`ah [an invention in religion] or wrong in Islam? Are there any references that you can point me to?  Answer Celebrating birthdays is a matter about which the Shari`ah is silent which means that there is nothing in the Quran,Sunnah or Hadith about … Read more »

About transgenders

Question What is Islamic point of view about transgenders?How should we look at such people in an Islamic society as generally people have a very negative point of view about them.Should they be ostracized?Please,give references from Quran and Hadith. Regards Answer There is nothing in Quran and Hadith about transgender people so any opinion formed … Read more »

Does Islam refute evolution?

Question What is Islam’s view on evolution?  How do we explain the fossil bones of our ancestors?  Does that mean that the prophet Adam also looked like them? Answer In your question, if ‘evolution’ implies that man is actually an evolved form of a certain other creature, then Islam does not affirm such a standpoint. According to … Read more »

Donating Human Organs?

Question How does Islam feel about organ donation? My father is very sick and he needs a liver transplant soon or he will die. He is on a very long list of recipients and there is nothing we can do, except wait for an organ donor to pass away so my father can get his … Read more »

Under magic spell

Question In Egypt, in many ignorant societies- Magic is used as a way to pay back people or to hurt people for the fun of it. It is very common and it does happen. My cousins are in Egypt, and they are experiencing the worst of the worst. Alhamdellah they are very good people, they … Read more »

About Magic and other effects

Question Is it really true that people can do magic and bring trails and hard times? Was the Prophet saw, really have magic done to him by a jewish lady, any details you know; the sending of Surah Falaq & Naas was to ward of the magic? People in Pakistan go to a person who will tell you what … Read more »

Wearing Talisman

Question I have a doubt regarding wearing talisman to seek protection against evil. I always considered it to be unislamic practice and I have even heard from scholars who said it is a form of Shirk. But I came across several hadiths in Maliks Muwatta. There is a separate chapter in Maliks Muwatta, “Seeking Refuge … Read more »

Clarification of Al-Ahzab 33:72 – The Meaning of Al-Amana

Question I was recently reading Surah 33: 72 in the Qur’an and was a bit confused. Is the Surah stating that humans chose “al-amanah” (which I am translating as reason….) but that it was a mistake? Is the Surah implying that one should not use one’s reason? Could you clarify? Answer First of all, We would like you to consider a … Read more »

Regarding Ijtehad,Qiyas and Ijma

Question What is Ijtihad, Qayas, and Ijma. What is the difference between them. When are they applied? Why Qayas is not accepted by legal experts? Answer For an explanation of Ijtihad, please refer to one of my earlier responses. Qiyas (lit: drawing an analogy) is, in fact, a kind of Ijtehad. Qiyas implies trying to draw a directive for a situation, which is not expressly … Read more »

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