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The fate of children on the day of judgement

Question What shall happen to children on the Judgment Day? Reply The reward or the punishment that a man shall face on the Day of Judgment will be the result of the intentional and consciously done good or bad deeds. Children who die before reaching the age of mental maturity shall obviously not deserve to … Read more »

Can we benefit the dead with any good deeds?

Question Can the living reward the dead by doing hajj for them and reading the Qur’an? In the case of the latter is there any significance in doing Qur’anic recital 3 days and 40 days after someone’s passing? This appears to be a common practice by some segments of the Pakistani society. Is there any … Read more »

What happens after death?

Question After an individual dies and is laid to rest in his grave, what happens? Is the soul taken? Is the person in limbo till the Day of Judgment? Answer The Qur’an, in Surah Ghaafir 40: 46, has mentioned the fate that Pharaoh and his followers are faced with after their death, as a consequence … Read more »

Another question on dogs as Pets

Question What is the place of dog in Islam? I understand there is a hadith which says that if a dog licks any thing, we should wash seven times with water and one time with mud but I believe this hadith is talking about time of prophet. Now we have more sophisticated cleaning stuff and … Read more »

Narratives Ascribed to the Prophet(pbuh)regarding Dogs

Question I would just like to make a brief comment on your reply about keeping Dogs. Firstly, the narrative of the Prophet (pbuh) about washing the hands seven times with water and one with sand is in my opinion sound and decently reported. This is because, according to what I have heard, there is a … Read more »

What about natural gays?

 Question Hi there.I have read your responses on homosexuality and i am not convinced with your answers.I am not a homosexual, but I dont see Gays any different from others as human beings and i feel they deserve to be treated equally. I,myself,initially thought that gays were mentaly sick people but later in life I … Read more »

Are Lot’s (pbuh) People the First Homosexuals According to the Qur’an?

Question Asalaamualaykum Does the Quran and hadith mention that the people of Nabi Lut (AS) were the first people to practice homosexuality or sodomy? Doesn’t this contradict reason and historical research which indicate that these practices must have been on some scale since the beginning of man? Answer Wa Alaykumu Salam And Lot (rhetorically) questioned … Read more »

Overcoming homosexual inclinations

Question You can probably tell from the title of this question that the topic I am about to discuss is taboo in Muslim circles, but I assure you I am only presenting the story I am about to present and asking the questions I am about to ask because I truly need advice. I think … Read more »

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