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  • God and Theology

Oneness of God

Question There are a few questions that are really bothering me for which I haven’t found answers. How can we know that our concept of God is true? I mean how do we know (besides revelation that God is Omnipotent or omniscient)? If we cannot assume that our concept of God is true, then how … Read more »

Further on the Existence of God

Question How can you be sure that our inherent knowledge of God, of good and evil and our conscience are not something that we are taught and learn from our environment? What generally happens suggests a person grows up in an atheist family will not believe in a deity whereas if they grow up in … Read more »

Why Did God Create Heaven & Hell?

Question Why did Allah create paradise and hell? Answer In order to get to the bottom of this, let us consider and appreciate the whole of God’s creation and what His plan appears to be. Perhaps, if we reflect upon the creation of the universe and indeed of our own self, we may find wisdom … Read more »

Is God Everywhere?

Question In your answer to my question concerning the meaning of Surah Al Hadid, verse 3 you gave the following translation: He is before as well as after everything; and over and under everything and [,therefore,] He is aware of everything. Does the above imply that God is everywhere? I was of the understanding that … Read more »

Religion and science

Question What is your opinion regarding the roles of Religion and Science in mans life? Do you believe that they are two separate entities, which should never interfere with each other? Or do you think the sciences should have an “Islamicized” goal (without necessarily hindering the findings of scientific endeavor). Further, what is your opinion … Read more »

God’s omniscience and Man’s freedom

Question In one of your responses to an earlier question you wrote: “God is testing man, by giving him free will to choose between right and wrong. It does not matter, if the results are already known to the Almighty or not. The thing that matters is that whether or not man is free to … Read more »

After death experiences,Christian and Islamic concepts!

Question I was conversing with a Christian minister about religion.  He then asked me what happens to people when they die, from an Islamic perspective.  I answered that we go to God to be judged.  He said, “yeah, but are you guys floating around somewhere till Judgement Day and then you’ll know your outcome?” I … Read more »

God creating man in his own image

Question You said that Qur’an does not give any introduction of the physical characteristics of God because of the limitations of human languages and comprehension i.e. man is not in a position to understand and comprehend the physical attributes of God. “The Qur’an has categorically refuted this possibility by stating that nothing that has existence … Read more »

How can i strengthen my faith?

Question I’ve been reading your Question and Answer pages for quite sometime now and I really appreciate them, they answer everything in a correct and sensible manner as opposed to unlearned Muslims who announce their replies to be correct in every sense. Anyway, these days I’ve been having a very difficult time with prayers and … Read more »

Invoking others besides God

Question Please can you explain the following two verses: That (is so) because Allah, He is the True, and that which they INVOKE beside Him is the False, and because Allah, He is the Sublime, the Great. (Luqmaan 31: 30) Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Have ye thought on all that ye INVOKE beside Allah? … Read more »

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