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After death experiences,Christian and Islamic concepts!

Question I was conversing with a Christian minister about religion.  He then asked me what happens to people when they die, from an Islamic perspective.  I answered that we go to God to be judged.  He said, “yeah, but are you guys floating around somewhere till Judgement Day and then you’ll know your outcome?” I … Read more »

God creating man in his own image

Question You said that Qur’an does not give any introduction of the physical characteristics of God because of the limitations of human languages and comprehension i.e. man is not in a position to understand and comprehend the physical attributes of God. “The Qur’an has categorically refuted this possibility by stating that nothing that has existence … Read more »

How can i strengthen my faith?

Question I’ve been reading your Question and Answer pages for quite sometime now and I really appreciate them, they answer everything in a correct and sensible manner as opposed to unlearned Muslims who announce their replies to be correct in every sense. Anyway, these days I’ve been having a very difficult time with prayers and … Read more »

Invoking others besides God

Question Please can you explain the following two verses: That (is so) because Allah, He is the True, and that which they INVOKE beside Him is the False, and because Allah, He is the Sublime, the Great. (Luqmaan 31: 30) Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Have ye thought on all that ye INVOKE beside Allah? … Read more »

Our relationship with our creator

Question Ever since I have grown up every time something happens that is good, it immediately follows with something that undoes all the happiness. I almost feel scared to feel happy, as it will be taken away from me. I used to have faith… so much faith… I would counter what everyone would say to … Read more »

Why do we use “He” for God(Second question)

The Second Question  I read your answer about my question, I am sorry to say it was not completely to my satisfaction, or the answer was presented in such a way that I was unable to grab it. Anyhow, I understand the logic behind the answer. But what other arguments you can provide? Please answer. … Read more »

Why do we use “He”for God?(First question)

The First Question One question, which I want to ask is: As you know Allah is only one as all Muslims believe, and according to Qur’an there is no sex of Allah. But you have used “HIS” for Allah in some of your answers, which means that Allah is “HE” a male. What are your … Read more »

More on ‘Where is Allah’?

Question Salamu alaykum! brother. I tried to find evidence from the Qur’an that Allah is not only in heaven but also on earth. This is what I came up with! Al An’aam aya 3: Yusuf Ali translation: “And He is Allah In the heavens And on earth. He knoweth what ye Hide, and what ye … Read more »

Where is Allah?

Question The First Letter Brother, I have a very important question for you: “Where is Allah?” Please state your evidence (Qur’anic verses, tafseer, Hadith etc.) Thank you very much Clarification Sought What exactly do you imply by the question? Do you want to know where God is, in the physical sense? If that is what … Read more »

Who Committed the Mistake – Adam or Eve?

Question Contrary to Christian belief, who hold that the root of all evil is in the woman owing to the incident when Eve who was tempted by Satan… as Muslims, we have always been taught that it was both Adam and Eve who were tempted.  In Surah Ta Ha, Ayah 120, the Qur’an tells us … Read more »

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