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  • Sectarian issues

Shia and Sunni sect;The third question

What is the difference between Sunnis and Shi`ahs? Please make a clear distinction between the ideas of these two groups of Muslims. Are the Shi`ahs “Muslims”. How can we say that Shi`ahs are not right in their beliefs. Please give a complete view about this matter, and how we can convince Shi`ahs towards the right … Read more »

Shia and Sunni sects?The second Question

Question What are the fundamental differences between Shi`ahs & Sunnis authentic notions? Whether the differences are basic and threatening to faith (Iman) or just trifle? Reply There are a number of differences in the Shi`ah (Shiite) and the Sunni Juristic opinions. However, not all these differences can be termed as the “basic differences” in these … Read more »

Differences in the Shiite and the Sunni Sect,The first Question

Question Are the differences between Shia and Sunni sects really huge?Is there any way these differences can be resolved?   Reply In our opinion, there really are some major differences in the two sects. However, on the other hand, we believe that if one were to consider the similarities, rather than the differences, one would … Read more »

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