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A Future Project

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We are a small charitable organisation with big ambitions. Our current projects reflect our ambitions and we are managing these projects very well within our available financial and manpower resources. As we grow, with your support, we plan to establish another community centre in Manchester, similar to that already operating in Halifax, but with additional extra features one of them being a mosque which would be the integral part of the community centre. Our plan for this mosque is to be a true community hub.

This mosque will not be associated with any particular sect or a line of thinking.We want to make this mosque a model place where muslims belonging to all sects could come without having any fear of being stigmatised.We are determined to get all muslim sects involved in the affairs of the mosque which,Insha’Allah,will instill love and respect for each other.We would also open doors to the followers of all other faiths so that they can come and socialise with other members of the community.Our community centre and mosque will have no gender segregation.Our sisters will be given equal access to all facilities as men and they will actively participate in running the affairs of the mosque. We genuinely believe that this is the true concept of a mosque which,in our view,is not merely a place of worship.

We,at UIUK,are of the opinion that blessings of the Almighty should be sought not just through worshipping him but also through serving His people.

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