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Can i Transfer the Reward of my good deeds to my late father?Second question!

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The Second Question

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for answering my queries with regard to my late father. After some time, I still miss my beloved father. One question keeps on haunting me, how is he doing up there? The urge to have this answered is especially stronger every time I visit his graveyard. I am so sorry if you feel this question ridiculous. I know it sounds bad, but please, can you shed me some light on this? I really need to know of whether he is smiling down at us whenever we visit him or of whether he is crying.

Thank you.

Sister from Malaysia


Your concern is quite natural. There is absolutely nothing ridiculous about it. I feel that this is a question that comes to every such person’s mind who has lost any of his close relatives. However, according to the decision of the All-Wise God, the answer to this question has been kept hidden from us until the day that we ourselves are taken to the court of the Almighty. Under these circumstances, I feel that the only way to live a good and a happy life is to seek God’s mercy and forgiveness for our late relatives in our supplications for them and never to lose hope in the mercy of the Almighty. We should remember that the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said that the supplications of a pious child benefit a person after his death.

May your father and all true seekers of the truth who treaded this earth be forgiven and find themselves in a better abode than the one they were given in this world and among better company than the one they enjoyed in this world.


UIUK team

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