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  • Tazkiya (Personal Development)

Relationship of Sins and Habits

Relationship of Sins and Habits Abu Yahya Translated by Bashir Nazir Desires and self-interest are the basic reasons that make one prone to committing sins. In addition to them, many personal habits can also make one more susceptible; they accumulate imperceptibly over the years in one routine and personality. They are often a consequence of … Read more »

Fear and Peace

Fear and Peace Abu Yahya Translated by Bashir Nazir It is one of the tragedies of this world that man is faced with some sort of fear and apprehension most of the time. People are often worried about their life, honour and property due to the general law and order situation. For example, in order … Read more »

The Philosophy of Peace

The Philosophy of Peace Wahiduddin Khan Peace is a bilateral issue, but peace can be established only by a unilateral initiative, otherwise there can be no peace. This Quranic concept of peace is set forth in the chapter entitled Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War) of the Quran. The translation of the relevant verse is as … Read more »

Forgiveness Is Divine

Forgiveness Is Divine By Sister Jasmine “Surely Allah loves those who constantly turn to Him in repentance and those who keep themselves pure” (Quran-Surah al-Baqarah 2:222) We are now entering the second ten days of Ramadaan, the days when we have the opportunity to beg Allah for forgiveness. There is a du’a (prayer) we are … Read more »

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