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Fear and Peace

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Fear and Peace
Abu Yahya
Translated by Bashir Nazir

It is one of the tragedies of this world that man is faced with some sort of fear and apprehension most of the time. People are often worried about their life, honour and property due to the general law and order situation. For example, in order to protect their wealth from burglars, people keep it in banks, safes and lockers. In countries where people are faced with war and anarchy, in addition to wealth, their lives and properties are also constantly in danger.
Even if one is not worried about one’s life, property and honour, there are countless accidents, illnesses, and economic and social problems awaiting to destroy one’s peace of mind. No matter how much one tries, one can not escape issues like, visits to the doctor and hospitals, unemployment, accidental death of a family member, domestic disharmony, business worries, emotional issues in one’s private life etc.
According to the Qur’an, it is only the paradise where the angels would not be bearers of news of trials but rather, would be harbingers of peace. It is where people with true faith would live forever in towering palaces, in peace and satisfaction (Qur’an 34:37). Every human being should strive to attain this paradise where, in addition to all other blessings, he would also enjoy absolute peace and serenity.
It is a fact that after the gift of life, the biggest gift in this life is peace of mind and tranquillity. None of the blessings of this life are of any use if one does not remain alive or one does not have the peace of mind required to avail these blessings. It is only the paradise where one will have all the blessings and luxuries as well as absolute satisfaction and peace to fully enjoy these blessings.

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