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Hadith as an independent source

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Question from one of your quote,

 …yet there is absolutely no way of determining whether a particular saying was correctly perceived, correctly comprehended and subsequently correctly narrated by all the individuals in a chain of narrators.

If there is absolutely no way of determining an authentic narration, then why do you try to determine and find out if certain hadiths are authentic and posted on your web site. My intention is not to offend you in any way. I love your web site and have learned a great amount. Please explain.

Thank you.


No offence is taken. We are glad that you are finding this website useful. May God aid us in our efforts and make us successful. Do keep us in your good prayers, and may Allah (swt) reward you for it, Inshallah.

Naturally there are many things that cannot be known with absolute certainty. Knowledge of historic events and incidents are often among them. This has not stopped historians from attempting to find out as much as possible and ensuring that the particular happenings are at least very probable. If they make sense and sound true and fit in alongside the facts, then despite the inherent weaknesses, we would accept them. Yes, they are “probable truths” and not 100% certainties but if the evidence that we do have suggests that they are accurate, should we not make use of this wealth of information? Would we not like to know as much about the Prophet (pbuh); his life, family, friends, companions, enemies, environment etc…as possible? I think that it is but natural that we would. The important thing is that we keep this source in its rightful place and never put it above the Qur’an, the Sunnah or established facts. The Hadith literature will always remain subjective to these three sources and that way – with the help of God – we will remain on the best ground.

Warm regards,

Hischam Khan

February 16, 2005

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