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Hajj,Kaaba and Idolatory.

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Why does Islam, which is against Idolatry, direct Muslims to kiss the black stone, circumambulate Ka`bah, throw stone on Satan during Hajj?


The practices mentioned in your question are rituals of Hajj (pilgrimage) and cannot be even remotely compared to idolatry.  No knowledgeable Muslim can even think about worshiping the Ka`bah or the Black Stone. All these practices are symbols of our submission and allegiance to God and the determination to fight against the forces of satan.  Since the time of the Prophet Abraham touching or kissing black stone(Hijrah-e-Aswad)symbolizes a renewal of a person’s pledge to worship and obey the Almighty. Certain traditions also qualify it as Yameen-ul-laah (the hand of Allah) which positively indicates that when a person touches it, he, in reality, places his hand in the hand of Allah and renews his covenant with Allah and when he kisses it, he, in fact, expresses love and obedience for the Almighty.  Likewise, Kaaba (The house of God)The whole Muslim Ummah turns towards it during prayers and as such it is the focal point of Tauheed (oneness of God) and Salaat (prayers).  By building our mosques in the direction of Baitullaah and as indeed while circumambulating it, we actually give expression to the belief that we are the obedient servants and devotees of the Almighty, for whose worship this House was actually built.

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